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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Baby Nuttle | One Trimester Down.

I still have pinch me moments, am I seriously pregnant!? Yes, yes I am and I'm already through the first trimester. That went fast. I've been documenting this pregnancy each week, that will be saved in drafts, but I'm going to keep documenting in some sort of way. I thought I'd share a little bit of what's been happening lately and how I've been feeling. 

October 4th, the day we found out. 
No fancy stories here. 100% honest, I didn't think I was pregnant at all. I simply bought the test so I would see the negative, stop stressing and start my period so I could start tracking and paying better attention to my body. I was really shocked when I saw a positive, followed by 3 more positives & a trip to the drug store at 6 am. 

We'd just started trying again. We've tried for long periods in the last with no luck. Then over the last year and a half I have been through hell with my body. Diagnosed with anorexia, hypothalamic amenorrhea (didn't even have a cycle for a year), therapy, lots of healing, etc. I was so sure that I'd done too much permanent damage to my body to possibly ever actually conceive on my own. But God. 

October 5th
I already had an appointment scheduled with my primary doctor, so he did a blood test to confirm. Definitely pregnant, about 5 weeks at this point. WOW! 

October 26th - 8 weeks 2 days
Our first OB appointment and ultrasound. This was the coolest day of our lives. Hearing that sweet little babies heartbeat and seeing him/her on the screen. Just amazing. Our baby has been dubbed "Little Bear" because Dustin and I have always called each other bear, so it's a fitting name until we know the gender.

Right after the appointment, we found out we got the house we'd offered on and the 28 day closing had officially started. Let the fun begin. We'd just sold our first home and moved into a downtown apartment in June. Downtown living was cut a little short, but we couldn't be more excited about it :) 

November 23rd - 12 weeks 2 days & moving day! 
Our 2nd OB appointment just so happened to be on moving day, got to see sweet little bear again before we officially moved into our new family home. We spent the Thanksgiving holiday getting settled into our new home and spent Black Friday making our first big baby purchases- a car seat & crib. 

This week we're 14 weeks, the baby is the size of a peach and I can't believe we're in the 2nd trimester already...

-How have I been feeling?
Great! This pregnancy has not at all been like I always thought it would be. I've had very minimal sickness/nausea, very minimal fatigue, no crazy cravings or food aversions, nothing crazy at all really. Pregnancy constipation is no joke though, keeping it real. Middle of the night bathroom trips started immediately too. I know I am very lucky and don't take this easy pregnancy (so far) for granted one bit. I am ready to have a bump or something though, I want to actually feel pregnant if that makes sense. I know it's coming... ;) 

Food has been a little tricky. My cravings changed quickly and I really had to learn to listen to my body and give myself grace. Things that I've always loved like coffee, green smoothies, salads, veggies + hummus, I couldn't eat/drink anymore. It was hard at first, but I had to just keep telling myself "it's just a phase and it will pass." It has passed too, mostly. This week I've started craving salads again and have even had a few cups of coffee. I missed my morning cup of coffee, it was so weird to not want it! I've craved milk, which is odd because I never drink it. Cereal and milk has been my favorite food this whole time! 

-Will we find out the gender? 
YES! We have the gender ultrasound scheduled 12/29 and will find out with our families NYE day. Can't wait! 

-Feeling either way on the gender? 
Not really, I feel kind of torn down the middle. Boys just kind of run in Dustin's family so I guess I feel a little more boy, just because of that. We do have names picked out, can't wait to pick one. 25 days and we'll know <3 

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