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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dashing Dish Beauty for Ashes - My Testimony.

It's been a year since my life took a major turn. A rough year full of change, therapy, depression, anxiety and more self-focus than I ever thought I'd be comfortable with. I am so thankful for every last drop of it though. I needed it to happen, I needed to be set free. I've grown and I'm a better person now. Hard times aren't always a bad thing.

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor of sharing my testimony with Dashing Dish readers. I love Katie's recipes and her story, it's so similar to mine. She is the absolute sweetest, and I've found her site to be a huge help over the last year. Dealing with anorexia, hypothalamic amenorrhea, depression & anxiety has been by far the hardest thing I've ever faced. It's a lot more common than you'd think though, and becoming even more so thanks to our current society. Sharing my testimony was important & therapeutic for me. I went through so much, and still struggle for sure, but being in a place where your only choice is to give it to the Lord was life changing in so many ways. I believe we are faced with hard things to make us stronger, strengthen our relationship with the Lord and to help others. I don't know His plans, but I trust in Him.

You can read my testimony here.

Anorexia Orthorexia Hypothalamic Amenorrhea


  1. I just finished reading your post on Dashing Dish and even went and found the song you talked about on YouTube and have chills while listening to it. Girl you have had a rough year but you are stronger for it and I know great things are in store for you :) I can't even imagine how many people are going to read your post and find hope and motivation in it. Sending you all the hugs.

  2. I've been thinking of you, friend!! Hope you are doing well! Sending you lots of love.

  3. just went and read your story girl, i think it is great that you shared it. you are right, it is frightfully far too common in today's society. i have been thinking about you and i hope you are doing well xxx

  4. You're so right that so many people struggle and keep it hidden or don't talk about it-- sharing your story is so brave & encouraging. So glad you are doing well and continuing to inspire others with your story.


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