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Friday, April 24, 2015

A Sisterhood Tag.

I'm not sure about you, but this week has FLOWN. I'm so ready for this weekend. A bunch of my friends and I are having a girls night mixer tonight featuring Stella & Dot, Scentsy, Advocare & Jamberry. We have family coming in, my SIL & BFF are trying Pure Barre with me tomorrow morning and then we'll just be relaxing with our family & friends. Ahhh, come on 5 o'clock. 

Recently Joey tagged me for this fun Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.  She gave us some questions, I'm answering them then tagging 10 bloggers and making my own set of questions. Let's go!

1. What's the one food you could eat forever and never get tired of?
Hands down, ice cream. I crave it every. single. day. and usually eat it several times a week. Who's with me?

2. Best book you've read in the last 5 years?
If you're new around here, I'm not a reader. I really only read on vacation. I know, sad.... When I traveled to Florida in Jan I took "Unglued" to read while traveling. After Christians accident my emotions took all kinds of turns,this book really opened my eyes and has stuck with me. I find myself stopping, taking a breath and thinking back to that book often. 

3. Haircut, manicure or pedicure?  Which is your favorite to go have done?
Hands down, manicure! I get my hair cut about every 3 years and I'm just not a big pedi person. I like to do my own nails and toenails but sometimes I like to go get a mani. I just can't clean up my cuticles like they can.

4. Clothes and shoes or make up and nail polish?  Which are you more likely to spend all 
your money on?
Well crap, can I mix and match here? I vote yes- clothes and makeup.

5. Biggest pet peeve?
Debbie Downers. 

6. A bad habit you have but wish you didn't?
Procrastination. I'm organized and a little OCD but I am so bad about putting things off!

7. Would you rather be hot or cold?
I'm going to say I'd rather be hot... I hate both, but I REALLY hate being cold. So much so that the thing I'm dreading most about Tough Mudder next month is jumping in the ice water. Not the live wire, heights, mud, etc. Nope, the cold water. 

8. Favorite date you've ever been on?
Gosh, I could name a million with my hubby that have been extra special but last year on my birthday he surprised me with a fancy date night at one of our favorite restaurants in Tulsa. Then we went home to put comfy clothes on and went for froyo. It was a really great night. I wrote a whole post dedicated to him after my birthday, he made me feel so special!

9. Phone calendar or paper planner?  If paper, which one do you use?
Paper planner all the way! I love my Plum Paper planner, and previously used the Erin Condren one. I loved that one too. I just want to write it down, and by "it" I mean every second of my day. 

10. How often do you "go home" to see your folks?
Well, my family is now in Florida so not very often. My husbands family lives in Kansas though (about 7 hours from us), we go there several times a year. I adore my in-laws! 

NO PRESSURE, I'm tagging: 
Caroline | Windy City Chic
Kelli | A Deeper Joy
Angela | It Takes Two
Tiffany | A Touch of Grace 
Katie | Katie Elizabeth 
Chloe | A Latte Lipstick 

Tweet me if you do it! @makemeupmia 

My questions for you:
1. What made you start your blog?
2. Current favorite song, you know, the one that you crank up in the car?
3. If you could only pick 1 beverage for the rest of your life, what would it be?
4. Dream job & why?
5. You have 1 totally free YOU day, what would your day consist of? 
6. Favorite trip you've ever been on?
7. You had a million dollars handed to you, first thing you do? 
8. Tell me something you love about yourself. 
9. What store do you shop at most (non grocery)?
10. Favorite recipe & make sure you share ;)

*2 more days left to enter the $200 Lululemon giveaway

*Mark your calendars, our April Monthly Faves Linkup will be Wed 5/6. 

Have the best weekend friends XO 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rocksbox // What is it?


If you haven't seen Rocksbox floating around, let me fill you in with the basics of what this fabulous little white box consists of. 

-It's a jewelry membership service. For $19 a month you get a rotating jewelry collection, in sets of 3 that are each worth around $200. You can keep the jewelry and wear it as long as you want, send it back for a new set as often as you'd like. Your picks are based off of your style profile that you fill out when you sign up. It's like the old school Netflix, for your jewelry box! 

-You pay the same membership fee no matter how many times you swap out your sets.

-Includes brands like: Gorjana, House of Harlow, Kendra Scott, Loren Hope, Wanderlust + Co. and several others

-You can buy the piece if you decide you just can't part with it. Pricing is included in your box each month. You also receive a $10 Shine Spend each month, good for that month only. 

Here is what I received in my first box, I've been wearing it over the last week. I'm loving it but eager to swap for new goodies too! 


| House of Harlow 1960 Geodesic Gold Cocktail Ring $54 |
| Gorjana Pressed Taner Layer Necklace $92 |
| SLATE Marble Triangle Necklace $40 |


I was given the opportunity to try Rocksbox out for a few months, so far I think it's really a neat concept. Most girls love jewelry and it's really fun to get to rotate your jewelry collection out and wear new designers without committing & paying a high price. I think $19 is a super fair price too.

If you'd like to try it out too, you can receive your first month for FREE through the rest of April using the code "makemeupmiaxoxo" when you register. 

Have you tried Rocksbox?

*Don't miss the $200 Lululemon giveaway from Monday!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Blog Vacation?

Yep, that's what I'm calling it.... 

Ever feel like you are just a little too overwhelmed with life in general & completely uninspired? That's where I'm at right now. I'm going to step back for a week or so, refresh and return. I'm looking to make some changes and find new inspiration. Cheers to a mini vaca :)

What do  you like to do first when you're looking for some fresh inspiration?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Favorite Vacation, Even with a Stomach Bug.

Today I'm linking up with Momfessionals for some Show and Tell Tuesdays, today's topic being your favorite vacation ever. Mine is interesting, it was cut way short and we both got super sick, but that 1 perfect day is now my favorite vacation ever. I'm sharing a few other past faves below as well... 

Last spring, Dustin and I set off for a road trip out west. The plan? A couple days exploring the Grand Canyon and then head to California where we had a room booked in the Sequoia National Forest. 

The road trip itself was fun! Not the first time we've traveled from Oklahoma to Arizona, we just love the drive and all the different changes of scenery. We spent the night in Amarillo then hit the road the next morning to finish the up trip. We stopped and visited the meteor crater near Winslow just for fun. 

Day 1 at the canyon was absolute perfection. The weather, the sky, the beauty that is God's creation. It was truly the best day ever, not 1 thing could have made that day any better. 

We really went with no plan, we just wanted to wing it and explore. We found ourselves wishing we'd planned a little to hike but we quickly found a trail down that we thought we could do, being unprepared. It was so amazing. A little scary a couple of times, narrow paths straight down, but it was so neat. It took a couple hours to get down to where we were headed. We sat down there for a little bit and took it all in. Absolutely stunning. 

That night, we went back to the hotel room and Dustin started feeling like he might be getting sick. It was all down hill from there. The next day we went out there for a little bit but he was just sick and weak, so it didn't last long. The following morning we were supposed to continue west to California but out of nowhere it hit me, and it was a lot worse than what he had! I'll spare you details, and we still have no idea what happened, but it was either the stomach flu or food poisoning. It was awful, to be in a hotel room then in a car while being that sick. We had to cancel the rest of the trip and headed back east. Luckily the lodge in CA refunded our money even though it was last minute. 

I know it's totally crazy that a trip could end so bad and yet be my favorite? But the Grand Canyon was so unbelievably gorgeous and the weather was so perfect, that the 1 day we spent there is truly my all time favorite. We've been together for 9 years and we've traveled a lot, if you've never made it there, you must

A few other favorite vacations throughout the years?

A super fun trip to Cancun with our best friends.

A trip to Glenwood Springs Colorado with my in-laws. I tried skiing for the first time (fail!) and we enjoyed the gorgeous scenery and hot springs.

A long weekend in Chicago with Kristal. I absolutely loved Chicago and the fun few days we spent together. Laughing, exploring, shopping and enjoying RPM.

What was your favorite vacation?
Have you ever had a vacation end badly?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Monthly Faves Link Up | March 2015

Well it's April 1st, anyone been fooled yet? Or better yet, fooled anyone?

Kelli & I are back with our Monthly Faves link up. New here? It's a monthly linkup of everything you were loving the previous month. Anything- food, beauty, household, fashion, music, tv, people, etc. You get the point. No rules. It's the first Wednesday of each month, and the linkup is open all month long. So join in anytime. Grab a button too if you'd like! 

Make Me Up Mia

::Eats:: custom peanut butter powder - If you're a PB powder fan like I am, you MUST try these out. The possibilities are endless and I love them. You select your flavors, sweeteners and any other additives. You control it all and give it a special name. I created a chocolate hazelnut & sugar cookie one and a protein oatmeal cookie one, both are delicious. I mix them with water to make peanut butters or use the powders in shakes or yogurts. You can create your own oatmeals too! 

Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt bars in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - Well, they're actually all good but I'm a cookie dough fanatic. So tasty, and great macros too. 


My custom calligraphy print from EverLettery Studio - Is it not the prettiest? Shelby is so talented! I'm really enjoying mine, such a pretty addition to our home office. (Congrats to Jasanna & Melissa who each won one Monday) 


L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation - I've been testing this out over the last month, I am definitely enjoying it. It's a great foundation for us oily girls, not too thick and keeps me nice &  matte. I will say the color selection could be a little better. The lightest is a tiny bit too light for me but the next step up is a tad too dark. 

NARS Lip Gloss in Angelika - I know, it's just a pink lip gloss right? I bought this last year and was so happy to bust it out again. I LOVE it. The color, the formula, everything. It's a perfect no fuss pink gloss! The color description says "cotton candy with gold flecks"... Pretty darn perfect. Also, can you tell I hate taking lip selfies? 

YOUR turn, tell me what you've been loving lately…

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