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Friday, April 24, 2015

A Sisterhood Tag.

I'm not sure about you, but this week has FLOWN. I'm so ready for this weekend. A bunch of my friends and I are having a girls night mixer tonight featuring Stella & Dot, Scentsy, Advocare & Jamberry. We have family coming in, my SIL & BFF are trying Pure Barre with me tomorrow morning and then we'll just be relaxing with our family & friends. Ahhh, come on 5 o'clock. 

Recently Joey tagged me for this fun Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.  She gave us some questions, I'm answering them then tagging 10 bloggers and making my own set of questions. Let's go!

1. What's the one food you could eat forever and never get tired of?
Hands down, ice cream. I crave it every. single. day. and usually eat it several times a week. Who's with me?

2. Best book you've read in the last 5 years?
If you're new around here, I'm not a reader. I really only read on vacation. I know, sad.... When I traveled to Florida in Jan I took "Unglued" to read while traveling. After Christians accident my emotions took all kinds of turns,this book really opened my eyes and has stuck with me. I find myself stopping, taking a breath and thinking back to that book often. 

3. Haircut, manicure or pedicure?  Which is your favorite to go have done?
Hands down, manicure! I get my hair cut about every 3 years and I'm just not a big pedi person. I like to do my own nails and toenails but sometimes I like to go get a mani. I just can't clean up my cuticles like they can.

4. Clothes and shoes or make up and nail polish?  Which are you more likely to spend all 
your money on?
Well crap, can I mix and match here? I vote yes- clothes and makeup.

5. Biggest pet peeve?
Debbie Downers. 

6. A bad habit you have but wish you didn't?
Procrastination. I'm organized and a little OCD but I am so bad about putting things off!

7. Would you rather be hot or cold?
I'm going to say I'd rather be hot... I hate both, but I REALLY hate being cold. So much so that the thing I'm dreading most about Tough Mudder next month is jumping in the ice water. Not the live wire, heights, mud, etc. Nope, the cold water. 

8. Favorite date you've ever been on?
Gosh, I could name a million with my hubby that have been extra special but last year on my birthday he surprised me with a fancy date night at one of our favorite restaurants in Tulsa. Then we went home to put comfy clothes on and went for froyo. It was a really great night. I wrote a whole post dedicated to him after my birthday, he made me feel so special!

9. Phone calendar or paper planner?  If paper, which one do you use?
Paper planner all the way! I love my Plum Paper planner, and previously used the Erin Condren one. I loved that one too. I just want to write it down, and by "it" I mean every second of my day. 

10. How often do you "go home" to see your folks?
Well, my family is now in Florida so not very often. My husbands family lives in Kansas though (about 7 hours from us), we go there several times a year. I adore my in-laws! 

NO PRESSURE, I'm tagging: 
Caroline | Windy City Chic
Kelli | A Deeper Joy
Angela | It Takes Two
Tiffany | A Touch of Grace 
Katie | Katie Elizabeth 
Chloe | A Latte Lipstick 

Tweet me if you do it! @makemeupmia 

My questions for you:
1. What made you start your blog?
2. Current favorite song, you know, the one that you crank up in the car?
3. If you could only pick 1 beverage for the rest of your life, what would it be?
4. Dream job & why?
5. You have 1 totally free YOU day, what would your day consist of? 
6. Favorite trip you've ever been on?
7. You had a million dollars handed to you, first thing you do? 
8. Tell me something you love about yourself. 
9. What store do you shop at most (non grocery)?
10. Favorite recipe & make sure you share ;)

*2 more days left to enter the $200 Lululemon giveaway

*Mark your calendars, our April Monthly Faves Linkup will be Wed 5/6. 

Have the best weekend friends XO 


  1. I hate being too hot or too cold - I want to be a nice 72 degrees all the time LOL!! I think I forgot how much you loved ice cream!! Hope you have a great weekend girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Fun post! I always enjoy getting to know you better. Enjoy your weekend!

    Amy Ann
    Now blogging at my new site Straight A Style

  3. Oh I just love you for this!! I absolutely loved reading your answers! And your hubby's sweet surprise for your birthday makes me have high hopes for mine ahah! I'm impossible to surprise though. Womp womp.

  4. Love posts like these! How fun was your suppose birthday date!? Sounds like you have an epic girls night planned too!! Have you done the Advocare before? I've been hearing a lot about it and I'm kinda interested! Have fun girl!

  5. Love all of your answers!! We definitely have a lot in common. Come to Chicago so that we can hang out! Hehe :-) Thanks for tagging me too, I'll get to work on this!! Have an amazing weekend!!! :-)

  6. Ugh I hate being cold and I hate cold water, so I don't blame you for dreading that part of Tough Mudder!

  7. This entire month has flown by-- so crazy! I am totally with you on ice cream and I'm definitely going to add that book to my list to read now- I've heard about it quite a bit but haven't got around to really looking into it until now. I remember your post from your birthday last year and can totally see why that's one of your top date memories-- he did such a good job & you guys look great in that last picture :) Thanks for thinking of me- this will give me a good fun post to do when I get back into the swing of blogging.

  8. What a fun tag! Always love learning more about you. Give me ice cream all day, everyday and I'm with you on being co,d!

  9. OMG yes to ice cream. I could eat it all day every day and never get sick of it. So good. And I'm such a procrastinator too. Even right now, I have a million things I should be doing for work but instead I'm reading blogs haha! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  10. I wish I could be at the mixer and try pure barre with you this weekend! Have fun :) *your in-laws adore you back <3*

  11. I seriously could eat ice cream after every meal.

  12. Aw such a good hub, that guy! Love the ice cream photo bahah. I'm sure you are much less messy than that ;) Have a wonderful weekend, girl!

  13. This was such a fun post to read! Unglued is one of my favorite books--have you read anything by Shauna Niequest?! She is one of my favs too--great reads!!


  14. Oh that darn ice cream! I love it too! Can u recommend any decent healthier ones? Lol. I love your planner!!! I was going to order one and never did. Totally regretting now.

  15. I'm just not an ice cream fan... now chocolate? A whole other story.
    Love Lysa TerKuerst!!!

  16. I hope you have a great time with your girls! Sometimes the best fun is getting a whole group together and enjoying the company. Also I'm totally with you on ice cream- every. single. day. The difference between you and me is that I basically have no will power and pretty much do eat it every day, evne if it's just a few spoonfuls. Yeah, I'm an addict.

    Southern Belle Secrets

  17. Love these answers! Love you even more that you hate cold weather!! The mixer tonight sounds so fun :) And, I need to read that book, I have heard of it, but haven't read it yet! Thanks for the suggestion!!

  18. Sounds like such a fun night, enjoy the time with your friends & fam! I totally agree with the cold thing - clearly I live in the wrong place haha. Oh thanks for reminding me I've been meaning to pick up that book! That photo of you guys is so perfect. I remember reading that post, such a sweetheart! What great timing, I needed some ideas of content to post while my camera is getting fixed and this is perfect - thanks for the tag!

  19. Love this!! And I LOVED Unglued, too - such a great book, I'm already thinking about reading it again because there is so much to take away from it! Now will you tell me how you only get a haircut once every 3 years?! I can make it about 4 months max before it's growing out too much and is split end city! Spill your secrets ;) Have so much fun this weekend!

  20. These are my favorite type of posts. You get to know someone a little better. I like a nice 75 degrees, hence why I live in Seattle :) The mixer is such a good idea! It has my wheels turning. And I love that photo of you and your hubby.
    Have a great weekend hun!

  21. We all scream for ice scream. Or you and I do at least.

  22. The article lighten my heart. Thank you.

  23. Girl I could seriously eat ice cream every single night. When I was trying to get ready for the wedding I had to cut it back to only a few times a week and it was really hard I swear hahahahaha. I am a planner girl! Something about X'ing out those days in different highlighters excites the OCD person in me ;)

  24. I am so with you on spending money on clothes and make up! Those are my favorites. And ice cream sounds so amazing right now!!! What a sweet date your husband planned out for you, I just love nights like that! Hope you have a great week!

  25. i hate being cold as well, but i actually enjoy being hot haha. and yay ice cream! all day every day please!

  26. Call me old school but I write every single thing down in my written planner. I'm a creature of habit I guess ;)

  27. Awww, thanks for the tag sweet friend!! <3 Obviously we are the same with the ice cream thing! I want it all day, every day, haha. I used to LOVE paper planners and then I got a free one and it's just not doing the trick for me. Maybe I need to get one that I really like so I can go back to enjoying them :) xoxo

  28. No room for debbie downers! I'm so with you, bring on the icecream!

  29. Woo hoo! This is fun! I love my Plum Paper planner too :) And I really want to read Unglued. It's on my list! Thanks for the tag! I'm going to do it as soon as I find a chance to blog! :)

  30. I love how much you love ice cream! And I'm with you! Clothes and make-up. I'm definitely getting a Pretty Plum Paper planner next year. Loved learning more about you! xo

  31. Such a cute idea! Loved Joey's questions. A live wire?? That's scary! And yes to ice cream all the time!


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