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Monday, June 30, 2014

June GLOSSYBOX + 4th of July Mani!

Happy 4th of July week my friends! I love this holiday- the time with friends and family, bbq's and fireworks is always a blast! This year I'm extra excited because Dustin and I will be enjoying the beaches of Cozumel for the 4th. Come on Thursday morning!

Today, we're getting a little festive here on the blog. I'm sharing the June GLOSSYBOX with you, it's a special Stars & Stripes Edition. Also, I'm sharing a fun 4th of July mani with you all. Were you around for last years 4th mani inspirations

June 2014 Glossybox

June 2014 Glossybox
What did I receive? 

C. Wonder Gift card (surprise amount, mine had $10)
Rusk Texture Dry Finishing Spray
Strange Beautiful ColorBloc Polish
Ayres Patagonia Body Butter
Sumita Beauty Champagne Eye Shadow Pencil

Each month includes 5 luxury items, sometimes a bonus. Pricing is as follows- $21 a month/ $60 3 months / $115 6 months / $220 12 months  

I have 1 month left of the 3 month subscription I purchased, then I'll be deciding if I want to continue. So far, I LOVE them! Here are my past boxes- ONE :: TWO 

Now, here is this years 4th of July Mani-

4th of July manicure

I had fun with this, I love anything that sparkles! This was a very easy mani. I'm not going to go into specific instructions, as you can see it's simply layering different colors of polish and I very loosely sprinkled glitter on the tips. I did use my dotting tools to draw 2 little stars on my ring finger, which I am not the greatest at…

Glossybox provided me with this cute little gift that had everything in it to create a festive 4th of July mani, festive polish & glitter-

Anyone want to win a fun red & blue polish set??

4th Manicure

Just comment below and tell me what your plans are for the 4th!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Things From My Week, Good & Bad.

Good morning and happy Friday. I'm beyond grateful it's the weekend. It's been a crappy week of sorts and I'll be heading to Mexico next week, so this week couldn't end quick enough.

Only part of my week was crappy, I had some ups too. Which I'm so thankful for! (sorry, it's a tad lengthy…) 

I got to babysit these 2 cutie pies while mom & dad had an anniversary date. We played and watched Full House- It was a pretty perfect night. My favorite part was cuddling with sweet Emma because she got scared seeing lightening. I'll take it. 

Ready for the crappy part? My brothers story hit Nancy Grace this week, which is great, national coverage is what we need to get him in the right rehab facility. However, rather than focusing on the story, Facebook followers ripped this photo to shreds. Well over 1,000 comments and about 75% were "how they hell are they smiling" "why would they smile" "they're unfit parents" "is that Bob Barker" "This picture is creepy, what the hell do they think is so funny". Getting a taste of the cruel "news story trolls" sucks. 

This picture was taken months ago, months after the accident. It was the very first moment Christian was put in a chair and out of the bed. We were SO excited in this moment, a picture was snapped and that picture happened to be used. It's completely disgusting to me how ignorant and cruel people can be. I had a pretty crappy day Wednesday, I'm totally fine now, but it is hard. You want to defend your family yet it's a losing battle. Some people just suck, plain and simple. As for the other people who have helped defend that picture, send love and prayers and offer encouraging words, you all are amazing. YOU are what gets us through and out of these funks. I heard a song early Thursday morning that snapped me out of it, these lyrics in particular-

"Sometimes through the darkness, it's hard to see
So just be brave and follow where He leads
Greater is the one who's in us, than he who's in the world
So child of God remember, the battle is the Lord's"
                                      "Say Amen" Finding Favour

What picks you up on a crappy day? Mail from a sweet friend sure put a smile on my face! I got a surprise package that couldn't have come at a better time. Maegen, my sweet sweet friend, you are an angel. I can't wait to put these jewels on for a dinner date in Mexico.... 

Remember recently when I announced that Kelli and I are starting a Monthly Faves linkup? Here's the reminder- It's once a month, the first Wednesday of each month and it starts next Wednesday July 2nd. We'd LOVE you to join us. It's a post of everything you were loving the previous month- beauty, foods, tv, recipes, music, blogs, home goods, etc. Anything at all. 
Make Me Up Mia

I told you earlier this week, it's the week of giveaways here! Well, I also told you I had one more.... First off, you can still enter the other fabulous ones here-

*GiGi New York Clutch and Pouch, enter HERE
*$100 Nordstrom giftcard and Lululemon Wunder Unders, enter HERE

Here is the final one, good luck!-

One winner will receive a prize package including: $50 Target Gift Card Julep Nail Polish "Lynn" Mally Beauty Liquid Lip Color "Party Girl Pink" 4 ft. Pom Pom Garland from A Jar of Sweets (peach, mint, and ivory gold)
          Target Gift Card Giveaway

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Hey friends, I am coming to you today to ask for your sincere help. I haven't updated on my brother recently because honestly there hasn't been anything to update. He's still living in a nursing home and not making any new progress. 

However, it's been absolute hell recently. I can't even begin to try to explain what all has been going on, that's why I've just not said much.

This precious boy deserves to get the best rehab available, he's only 17, he has his entire life to live! But, due to lack of money, not the right insurance, to far into the injury or his age, he is stuck. Sounds unreal right, it's not. It's the saddest thing. 

His story hit the Nancy Grace website this morning, you can read it here. The entire thing has been a nightmare, but all we care about is getting him the care he needs and deserves. He needs a rehab facility willing to help him, we are praying and believing that with this now national coverage, this WILL happen. Please help me spread the word sweet friends, and please continue to pray for our family.

You can read some previous posts regarding our story and his accident if you are newer to my blog-

You can also follow along on Facebook, my mom updates often- Pray for Mayberry

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support.

Anyone Else Love Nordstrom & Lululemon?

Alright ladies, welcome to the week of giveaways! Monday I shared our GiGi New York Clutch giveaway, still going on here. Friday I'll be bringing one more, so stay tuned. We're making a whole week out it! 

TODAY, I'm sharing one that I definitely wish I could win! I've teamed up with 5 other ladies to bring you an awesome summer treat….

Brought to you by

Who else loves Nordstrom? I know I'm a huge fan. I also love me some workout clothes, and I know we have a lot of Lulu lovers out there!

So, check out my friends, get your entries in and tell me-

How would you spend $100 at Nordstrom?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mirror Your Style with One Kings Lane.

Today we're talking about something right up my alley, makeup vanities. 

Mine is kind of sad. Don't get me wrong, I'm thankful for the built in space, but it's nothing pretty. 

As a makeup lover and collector, I often daydream of a gorgeous place I would sit each day applying my makeup, drinking my morning coffee and enjoying the sun shining in. I like to pin pretty images on my Pinterest.

Makeup Vanity

So, when One Kings Lane asked me if I wanted to participate in their Reflect Your Style Campaign: Mirror Your Style, I knew it was something I'd enjoy and have fun with. 

The first thing I selected was the mirror, the centerpiece. My pick was the Lenoir Oversized Mirror

Makeup Vanity

I had a lot of fun "pretend" shopping for what I would select to create my happy place, a vanity that would inspire me. I don't know though, some of these pieces just may make their way into our house… Here are some things I would pick, and how I would use them-

::My Vanity Pick::

::Perfume Tray::

::Makeup Brush Holder::


::Lipstick Caddy::

All of these pieces were found at One Kings Lane, check them out for inspiration and great pieces!

Your turn, what would your dream vanity look like?

Pssst... You can also find me sharing some summer makeup favorites today over on Always, Abby.

*Not a sponsored post, just participating in their campaign. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

GiGi Clutch Love + Win one!

Happy Monday, did everyone have a good weekend? It was GREAT for me, a chill one that I sure enjoyed. Here's a quick little recap, linking up with Biana & Meghan today-


- Kristal and I started Saturday off with bootcamp, then we celebrated the first day of summer by soaking up those rays! Pixie got a little sunbathing in too. 

-Watched a childhood friend marry her prince, enjoyed Sunday brunch at home, went to see 22 Jump Street and enjoyed a Mexican feast with my love.

- I was on The Diary of a Real Housewife yesterday for Six on Sunday. Check it out here

Now, onto some clutch love….

We've all seen them. We all swoon over them. Well, I do.

I've been eyeing the GiGi New York Clutches for a little while now and I oh how I regret not adding one of these babies to my birthday wish list last month. What was I thinking?! 

These are gorgeous and the perfect size. 2 things I love in a clutch. I mean come on, check these ladies out... It's a good thing I'm on a no buy for the month of June, otherwise I'd be the proud new owner of a Black Uber Clutch. 

Zelle rocks hers like no other...

It's your lucky day ladies, I've teamed up with some sweet bloggers to give you the chance to win not 1, but 2 GiGi New York items! 

What can you win? 1 Uber Clutch and 1 Zip Pouch, winner gets to pick the color! Plus, you can add your snazzy gold initials for FREE. 

Meet the fabulous ladies who made this giveaway possible.

GiGi New York Giveaway

  Red Maverix // My Cup Of Sparkle // Wearable. // But First, Coffee // Flowers In My Hair
    Birdie To Be // Lot48 // Recent Somethings // Army Ever After // Kids And Cabernet

Winner must respond within 48 hours of being contacted or a new winner will be chosen randomly.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Love.

This week has flown by. I'm hoping the next 2 weeks do too, more on that below. 

What do you all have planned this weekend? Mine looks like this- gym time, grocery shop, fun in the sun, wedding, date with the Mr. I'm looking forward to a semi chill weekend. 

-Was I the only one super excited for CMT Crossroads with Katy Perry and Kacey Musgraves? I kind of love them both, match made in heaven. 

-I got an adorable little package in the mail from Glossybox. I can't wait to create a 4th of July mani, my mind is racing with ideas. I can't believe it's been a year since I did these.

-Dustin and I started a new routine. Planning out all of our healthy snacks throughout the week is helping me a lot and we are back at the gym. I've been working out at home and doing bootcamps at the gym. Both of my bootcamp instructors have left, so we needed a new plan. We are going together and going to be each others motivators. We have plans for each time so we aren't trying to figure out what we want to do. Monday we did cardio + abs and arms, we're still sore! I'm so thankful for my partner.

-I participated in the Where I'm From Swap put together by Kallie from But First, Coffee. It was fun- you were paired with another blogger, email back and forth to get to know each other a little, then you send them a little gift under $20 and something that has to do with where you're from. I was paired with Ashley from A Faithful Passion. I loved talking to her and getting to know her. She sent me a wonderful package, I needed more EOS balm ;) 

So…. In 2 weeks I'll be here with a drink in my hand-

Yep, we're off to Mexico in less than 2 weeks now. This is how it happened- Dustin said they are closed 2 days for the 4th holiday, oh we should go somewhere, hey lets go to Mexico, done. This happened Wednesday and it was booked yesterday. Completely spur of the moment and last minute, but why the heck not!? We invited our friends but unfortunately they couldn't join us. 4 1/5 days of pure beach/pool bliss with non stop drinks in our hands, I can't wait. Normally there are months of waiting but the good thing about last minute, we don't have to wait, it's right around the corner. This will be my 4th trip to Mexico, you guys I can't say enough good things. I LOVE it. You can't beat the price of an all inclusive!

After the last 2 vacations ending the way they did  [Mexico, road trip] I'm really praying this one goes perfect, and it will

Tell me your weekend plans? 

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

{Ipsy} June 2014

Well, I just felt earthquake #2 this week. These things are freaking me out… 

It's that time again friends, time to see what I received in my Ipsy bag this month. 

Can I just say how excited I was to see we were getting NYX Butter Glosses this month? You all know I love my butter glosses.... 

Oh and Rebecca Minkoff designed this months bag?! Fancy. 

What did I get?? 

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray (Deluxe Sample) My crazy hair doesn't do well with beach sprays haha, but I'm going to give it a try. Maybe it'll cure my fro head.

Well it's my shade, so I'm excited to try it out.

Mascara, you can never have enough.

Realtree for her (Deluxe Sample)
Realtree makes girl perfume, whaaat? It actually smells pretty good too ladies.

I wanted this shade, I'm probably the only girl in the beauty world who didn't have this shade. Welp, now I do! 

As always, I'm very pleased. Can you really complain about a $10 a month hot pink bubble mailer full of makeup delivered to your door once a month? Not me. If you like makeup and want a fun way to try out new stuff for a very affordable price, I highly recommend Ipsy

You can see all my past bags here.

Which product would you be most excited about?

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Love Always Nancy J

Monday, June 16, 2014

Weekending, Please Send Coffee.

Happy Monday, to be honest I'm still playing catch up from last week and I'm feeling like today is going to be a 5 cup of coffee day, but I sure had a wonderful weekend! 

Friday night, Kristal and I + our men attended our friend Kim's wedding. It was such a beautiful wedding, in every way. I couldn't stop smiling, I'm just so happy for them. We had a wonderful time celebrating their big day. Can I just say, their dessert table was by far the prettiest I've ever seen, loved it, and YUM! I also loved doing her makeup before the wedding, I will share more on that soon.

Saturday morning we headed to KS for the night. We enjoyed a wonderful family bbq and got to meet our little nephew Thomas. He is the sweetest and most cuddly baby, he's just perfect. I can't wait to see him again already. Mama is doing great, their sure enjoying their new addition! We ended our trip with Dairy Queen on the way home, I think that's becoming a KS trip tradition now. The s'mores blizzard is no joke people. 

My giveaway ended this weekend, the winner is….  

I've emailed Janet and I'm waiting to hear back. Thank you all so much for entering, you're all amazing! I'm teaming up with some friends for 2 more upcoming giveaways you won't want to miss, stay tuned…. 

I'm linking up with B Loved BostonChampagne and Suburbs today for my little weekend recap. I'm off to refill my coffee cup now, wish me luck today! 


What was your weekend highlight? 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Five Friday Faves.

 Morning my sweet friends- I'm off work today but still had to get up and around for a morning full of errands before a busy weekend starts. 

Busy day today, then tomorrow we're off to KS just for the night to hang out with family and meet our new little nephew, which we are so excited about! 

Here are a few things from this week-

Just a few short months ago we were out celebrating Kim's engagement and now today is their big day. I can't wait to celebrate their love tonight at their wedding. I'm so excited to be doing her makeup today for her big day, I'll do my best to snap a few pics to share, I know she is going to be one stunning bride. 

I celebrated my 1 year blogiversary on Monday with a little giveaway. You all sure made my day with some super sweet comments! The giveaway is open until Sunday night, make sure to enter here

Kelli from A Deeper Joy and I are starting a new monthly link up and we wanted to share it with you today. It will be a once a month link up on the first Wednesday of each month, starting Wednesday July 2nd. We'd love to see what you have been loving each month! Share your new or rediscovered favorites from the previous month- beauty, food, home, tv, blogs, books, people, etc. Anything you want! It's a great way to discover new things. Feel free to throw in some un-faves too!

Not sure if you noticed, but I only posted 3 times this week. You're all familiar with it, the blogging struggle. Balancing blogging (posts, reading, emails), work and life. I know we are all trying to find our balance between our love for blogging and life. For me, I've started getting up early with Dustin and now I'm just going to shoot for posting 3 days a week instead of 5. Some weeks it might be more, but that's my plan. It's summer, we are leaving OK when our house sells and moving to FL, I want to enjoy summer and the time we have left with our family and best friends. So, I think this is going to be a really good balance for me. We'll see! 

We celebrated last night with a bachelorette party for Kim. It included a scavenger hunt downtown, sweet drinks, delicious treats and fun gifts for the gorgeous bride to be. We had such a fun time! I think she is officially ready to be wifey, which is just hours away now.

Have a great weekend friends, tell me what you're going to be up to? 

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Mani that Sparkles + Hump Day Blog Hop

Today I'm co-hosting The Hump Day Blog Hop with my sweet friend Liz aka Fitness Blondie. I've followed and loved her almost from the very beginning of my blogging journey. She's had 1 impressive weight loss journey and inspires me daily in my fitness goals. Her blog is one of my favorite fitness blogs. This girl is someone I would call strong, empowering and inspirational. I just love her. I am so happy to be joining her today. Make sure to check her out if you aren't familiar and link up with us below! 

Now lets talk glitter and gold. 2 things that make me happy.

When I randomly created this look as I was playing around with birthday mani ideas, I loved it. I had a lot of questions about it, so I wanted to share. So easy, I promise you can do it too girls. 

Gold Glitter

First up, what I used:

Gold glitter
Sinful Colors Bubbly
Sephora Spark-Tacular!
Sonia Kashuk Golden Ticket

Step by step:

Gold Glitter

1- Paint nails with your base color pick.
2- Paint glitter polish on tips in an up down motion,
covering about 1/3 of the nail.
3- Paint gold polish on tips covering 1/2 of the glitter from one side to another. I did a thinner coat of gold, almost giving it an ombre effect. 

That's it, so simple! You could do any color combo you wanted, pick your favorite colors. If you do this, send me a pic, I'd love to see. 

*Don't forget to enter my blogiversary giveaway here! 

What colors would you pick for yours?

The Hump Day Blog Hop

Love Always Nancy J

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