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Monday, March 31, 2014

Ipsy Bag: March 2014

Hey loves, so I'm a little late on my Ipsy post this month. 

No good excuses, just life. I was late to even pull the stuff out I received and use any of it. Torture I tell ya. 

Here is what I received in my March Ipsy bag:

{one} Nyx Shadow Trio in Barefoot in the Sand- Full size product $6

{two} Chella Eyeliner Pen in Indigo Blue- Full size product $24

{three} Pixie Flawless Beauty Primer- sold as a mini online $9, deluxe sample size. I'm really like this stuff by the way!

{four} Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick in Get Ready- Deluxe sample size

Total Value of this bag- $39

I noticed when I got this months bag that there were 4 products instead of the usual 5. In reading other posts, it seems everyone was talking about that this month. I'm not sure if it was just this time or something new, but either way I'm ok with it. I've always felt I good a good amount of product from them each month for the $10 I pay. They are most often full size products, that always total well over $10.  

If you aren't familiar with Ipsy, they're a monthly beauty subscription service. Each month you get a hot pink bubble mailer (<-- fun!) in your mailbox that contains a new makeup bag with 4-5 products in it. It's only $10, a steal if you ask me! 

You can click here to see all my Ipsy bags from the past several months if you're curious. 

Do you subscribe to Ipsy or any other beauty subscription service? 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday

Friday is here and I am pretty dang excited about it. 

Our weekend is going to consist of cleaning and purging stuff in our house (moving prep), bootcamp, Collin's t-ball game, dinner with a friend, grocery shopping and trying to spend a little time together on Sunday. 

Thank you all for your sweet comments yesterday, I truly love blogging for that reason. I love all of my sweet friends I've made along the way. 

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Last Friday became my lucky day. Went to Starbucks for a Venti Iced SKVL on my way to work, the sweet girl helping me gave me 2 coupons for a free drink. I went back for one that afternoon and one on Sunday. Then Friday as we were leaving work our bosses gave us each $100 bill and said "have a good weekend". This isn't the first time, they are pretty awesome. I'm truly going to miss my work when we leave for Florida.
It's time for spring nail polish! I finally added Essie "Fiji" to my collection and I'm in love. WHY did I wait so long to buy it?? 
Dustin and I finally got to see Frozen. Man, was it hard to track down too. Yes, we spend our weekends watching Disney movies often. We're just big kids. I'm going to have to buy Frozen, it's that cute. Olaf had me crying I was laughing so hard. Love him. 
I bought some earrings from my sweet friend Maegen with The Modern Tulip blog and shop, they came in this week. They matched my sweater I was wearing perfectly so on they went asap! I was smiling as soon as I opened the box, is that packing not the cutest? So happy for her, make sure to go check her out. 
I've been loving the Dasani drops lately and Friday I decided to add some to a Sierra Mist and squeeze in a wedge of lime. I'm obsessed with lime if you didn't already know that. This drink was so good, I see it being a summer staple for sure. I may have to spike it eventually too… Why not? 

If you read my Thankful Thursday post yesterday, you saw we had some lovely dinners with friends this last week.(definitely highs from my week too) After looking at pics, I came to the conclusion Dustin and I don't just take a picture. 

Exhibit A, last month-

Exhibit B, last weekend-
Oh well, they make for good collages later.

Happy Friday friends, enjoy your weekend! 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

{Thankful Thursday} 3/27/14

Morning loves and happy Thursday. Is it just me or is this week flying by? Woo-hoo for the upcoming weekend. 

Welcome back for another Thankful Thursday. If you're new here, it's all about finding things throughout your week that you are thankful for. Whether it's 1 thing from each day or 1 major thing, whether it's a friend or a cup of coffee. Anything at all! We'd LOVE to have you link up with us. 

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Things I've been thankful for this last week-

This guy. My love, my husband and my best friend. We've been together for almost 8 years now, I love him more and more each year. I'm just thankful to have him, and so excited for our next chapter in life with moving to Florida. I'm looking forward to the adventure with my best friend.

Friends + dinner dates. This last week we spent time with friends over a great dinner twice. Sunday we went out for pizza and drinks with Kristal and Robert. Then Tuesday we had Angela & Andrew and baby Robbie over for a Spaghetti meal. I majorly failed though and forgot to snap a picture Tuesday. I'm so thankful for sweet fiends and time spent together. 

Posts that pop up, exactly when I need them. I read Tara's post yesterday after a night that ended in tears. I struggle often, with time and trying to make everything perfect all the time. Working full time, running our home, blogging and life get a little overwhelming at times. I'm not complaining, just being honest. I try to make everything perfect and run smooth at all times. Somedays I feel like I'm drowning at the end of the night. This happened Tuesday. So, in short, I needed this post to remind myself that all the to-do lists and things I think I have to get done, can wait. Which then lead to this….

Relaxing and doing things I wanted to do. I blew off things that were on my to do list last night, instead doing things I wanted to do and things that were relaxing to me. That consisted of:
-A looong hot shower. You know, the type where you exfoliate your body, deep condition your hair and shave your entire leg, not the just knee down. Followed by warm pj's and fuzzy socks.
-Blogging. I was on a roll, I wanted to do blog work.
-Bible study in preparation for LifeGroup tonight
-Cooking a nice dinner and sitting at the table talking with my hubby and not feeling rushed
-Cuddling with Pixie (isn't she the cutest?)
-Eating a Chocolate VitaTop with fresh raspberries & blueberries 

It was glorious, I need more nights like this- at home, with Dustin, relaxing. 

There are a few things I've been thankful for this week, what about you? Tell me 1 thing you were thankful for this week :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DIY Tinted Lip Balm- Tattered to Taylored Guest Post

Morning loves, I'm so happy to have a guest post for you today from Tattered to Taylored. I got to guest post over on her blog yesterday, and today she's sharing an awesome DIY with you all here on mine.

I do not consider myself a DIY expert, at all. I feel like I most often fail. I fell in love with Taylor's blog because she makes some of the neatest stuff, and makes it look super easy. I'm all about easy. Today's post is right up my alley. DIY tinted lip balm, yes please! 

Hi there!  I'm Taylor from TatteredtoTaylored, a blog where I share DIY projects and recipes.  I am a lover of all make-up so I fell in love with MakeMeUpMia and am so excited to share this easy DIY with all of Mia's beautiful followers!

I love rich and creamy lipsticks.  Lipsticks that pack a punch with pigment on my pout AND feel like butter gliding on.  A hot lipstick can change your look with hardly any other makeup.  But unfortunately, more often than not I find a lipstick that has a color I love, and a texture I hate.  So what do you do... throw it away?  NO WAY!  You can easily turn your unloved lipstick into a tinted lip balm and all you need is coconut oil.

What you need:
Coconut oil
Small container

The size of your container will determine how much coconut oil you need.  I'm using these small snack containers from the grocery store and empty lipstick tubes.  Add your coconut oil and lipstick remnants to a cup and melt in the microwave for about 1 minute.  The lipstick and oil will be separated.  Now mix the two products together before pouring them in your container choice.  After the coconut oil re-hardens you'll be all set.  You can put your new lip balm in the freezer to speed up the process!

You now have turned unloved lipstick into a tinted lip balm.  Coconut oil is great for the lips, you can even use it alone.  Please note that this is coconut oil and if you take it outside with you on a hot summer day, its going to melt... but its great to add to your look before you head out! Thanks so much for having me Mia and I hope you all come visit me over at TatteredtoTaylored!

Thank you for sharing another great DIY with us Taylor! 

Do you all have a lipstick you want to turn into a tinted lip balm? 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Thank You + Tattered to Taylored

Good morning! I just really want to say THANK YOU for all your sweet comments and positive support regarding yesterdays post and us moving to sunny Florida! We are already so excited, but it truly makes it even better and easier when everyone has been so amazing and supportive. Can't wait to start this new chapter and take you all along with us :) 

Today you'll find me over at Tattered to Taylored

I'm sharing a a full drugstore face using minimal products that won't break the bank, plus a pop of pink for spring! 

Have a wonderful Tuesday friends. 

I'm linking up with Frankly My Dear, Sassy Wife / Classy Life and The Ledford Wife for some Tuesday Tea. You should too! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

We're Moving!

Dustin and I are moving to the beach! We're leaving Oklahoma behind and heading to Florida. The Pensacola, FL area specifically. 

In March we listed our house on the market. It's shown several times so far, it could sell this week or 6 months from now. We have no way of knowing. We don't have a job lined up. We don't have a place to live lined up.

Are we NUTS?! 

We are just excited & ready to be honest. Here's a little back story.

My brother and his family left Oklahoma about 7 years ago and headed to Florida. Our family has always loved the beach and Florida. Who doesn't?! Almost a year ago, Dustin and I first started talking about how awesome it would be to move to Florida. We talked about it on and off, but ultimately let fear talk us out of it. It's a big deal to up and move away. I've been at my job for almost 8 years, a job I enjoy with people I love. I'm comfortable. 

You may remember in February we took a little trip to Florida to visit my brother, sister-in-law and nieces. We really decided while we were there, it's where we want to be. We just love it. 

So we came home, talked about it more, had the "is this really going to happen?!" conversations, and then decided we were JUMPING! We slowly started telling people and then met with a realtor. Numbers on our house were what we needed, our house was listed a couple days later. We went on our road trip, came back and told both of our jobs! Both of our jobs have been great. We will continue working until it's time to go. 

We are ready for a change. We are excited to be in a place that we both love, somewhere that is a vacation destination, a place we will soon call home. Now obviously it's also bittersweet, we will miss our friends and family. They won't be easy to leave. We also know we will of course still see them. We want people to come stay with us when they want a beach vacation, and we will make trips back to Oklahoma and Kansas as well. 

Dustin and I are young, we don't have kids yet, we worked hard to be debt free and we have money in savings that will get us where we need to go. You can't really line up a job or housing until you know approximately when you'll be there. So in the meantime we are going to continue saving, cleaning and purging, showing our house and saying some prayers. 

Now that it's all out in the open and our jobs are aware, we are just excited and ready. It's really happening. 

We're going for it, I can't wait to start our new journey in the sunshine state. It feels amazing to just be fearless and jump.

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Liz @ Fitness Blondie

Friday, March 21, 2014

Celebrating Friday.

Hello my sweet friends, we've made it through another week. It's been a pretty week here in Oklahoma. The weather was pretty yesterday, so Dustin and I took the Jeep out last night after he made it home. I ended up getting slapped in the face with a tree branch and we almost tipped over. I kind of panicked for a sec, but we made it out ok. No damage to my face from the tree branch either, all is good. Whew. Oh and then he took me out for Mexican, he knows the way to my heart. 

Linking up today with Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday and A. Liz Adventures and her crew for Five on Friday. 

Family time in Kansas. My in-laws live in Kansas and we hadn't been there since August. Things had been hectic since my brothers accident, but I am glad we finally made it. It sure was good to see them. We had pizza and all got to hang out. 

The night we got home from our road trip we unpacked, got laundry going, showered and I crawled into bed to catch up on my Real Housewives. Heaven I tell ya. Nothing better than your bed after 9 days away from it. 

I love finding new treats, they somehow always end up from Target too. These are great for a quick sweet tooth fix, delicious. I love chocolate covered coffee beans!

I teamed up with Maegen from The Modern Tulip and a whole group of bloggers for an awesome giveaway. You can't go wrong with some Lilly Pulitzer, perfect for upcoming summer! I'd love to win it. Don't miss it, you can enter here

Last, but certainly not least, my little brother is still improving and making so much progress. He is so precious. This week they were moved to a nursing home 20 minutes from their home. They are making some changes at their house and hoping that soon he will get to come home. He is getting continued rehab where he is now. Above, he is posing with his new iPad that our dear friends bought for him! So sweet of them. Below is the latest news story, please watch it if you have a minute. They really did a good job on it, my mom did great too. I just love the miracle God is preforming with Christian. So amazing. I can't wait to have our boy back. 

You can follow and keep up with his story here on the FB page as well. Thank you so much for your continued prayers!

I hope you have a GREAT weekend! Make sure to come back by Monday, I have some pretty big news to share…. ;)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

{Thankful Thursday} Food Edition?

I'm back for an actual Thankful Thursday this week. You may remember I was on a road trip last week so I skipped out. 

Happy to be back and hosting with my sweet friends again, make sure to show them some love. They really rock.

Thank YOU for stopping by and linking up with us, we are so excited to have you with us. 

As I was looking through my pics from the last week, I noticed they are mostly food pics or involve food...

Now yes, I love me some food, but the main reason is because I had a stomach bug last week so I was seriously thankful for some good food this week. #truth 

While in Kansas, we spent Friday night with most of the family. It was so nice to spend time with them all. During this time we downed 2 pizzas. I don't think you can see the true size of these. (Why didn't I take a pic with the actual pizza?!) These are $60 a piece challenge pizzas folks. Yum.

Thankful for good road food. Dustin got a burger, but with coming off of being sick and that pizza above making me sick, I decided I better eat something easier on my stomach. Insert Jimmy John's. Dustin is kind of weird and doesn't like Jimmy John's, perfect opportunity for me to eat it... 

My 1 non food related pic. Well, kind of. I was grocery shopping. I was not in the best mood Sunday, just one of those days where I knew I was moody. I love any chance I get to go to Super Target. It's in the town over so I don't always go. It's seriously like shopping therapy to me, even though it's grocery shopping. I just slowly walk through, on my own, taking my time. It's my thing. 

Monday was St Patty's day, and I forgot to wear green. What the heck. In my defense, it was my first day back in the real world after vaca. My co-worker made cupcakes. Eating a green cupcake counts, right? Nobody pinched me, so it must.

Here is the conversation that followed this pic:
Dustin- So, you taking pics of everything you eat now?
Me- Anything that I am thankful for. I'm thankful for a dinner out with my boo! Pointed at him
Dustin- I'm not your boo, I'm your husband.
Me- Same thing

Last but not least-
Happy first day of spring! Warmth, flowers, sunshine, spring scents, bbq's, etc. Bring it on!  

In honor of spring, I gave myself some fresh paint.
I love love love it. Essie- Play Date and Sinful Colors- Frenzy

Don't forget about our awesome Lilly Pulitzer giveaway we have going on. You don't want to miss out! Super cute items that scream spring & summer... 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Warmer Weather = GIVEAWAY!

Ok ladies, spring and summer are finally in sight!! We are only 2 days away from spring, EEKK. Bring on the sunshine.

Can ya tell I'm excited?

To kick off the warmer weather we are all getting a taste of, I teamed up with The Modern Tulip and a group of beautifully sweet blogger friends for a fun giveaway. 

Who loves some Lilly Pulitzer? Well we have an adorable Lilly Pulitzer prize package for you!

These goodies, valued at over $150, could be in your beach bag this Summer! Simply enter the rafflecopter below. Obviously the more you enter, the better your chances. And don't forget to come back and "tweet" each day to rack up in entries :) 

And show some love to the ladies who made this giveaway possible! Each of these woman have a beautiful heart and wanted to share in giving you the best of the best!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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