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Monday, April 7, 2014

{What I'm Loving} March 2014

Ok, I'm way late and I know it. 

The last few weeks have been a little busy in blog world, so I'm late getting this up. Better late than never, right?

I didn't have a lot of favorites in March to be honest, a few new things and a few older things that I got hooked on again.

-Beauty Faves-

Egyptian Magic Skin Cream- A few months ago my mom was recommended this stuff to clear up a few spots on her face from having skin cancer spots removed. She loved it and was really seeing a difference. Then I saw Katie mention it in a post. Now I was intrigued. I bought it on amazon and I'm in love. I started using it on my chin/neck area where I'd been having some breakouts and scarring. (what is going on?!) I'm noticing a difference for sure. I use it on my face, feet, hands, etc. No worries, I use clean hands only. No feet to face action here, ick. My husband used it one night on his AWFUL cracked and bleeding hands. Machinist probs. They were much better the next day. It's a keeper.

My trusty Naked palette- I have them all and kind of rotate on what I reach for most often. Lately it's been this one. I love using Naked & Buck in my crease and Virgin as a highlight. 

Wet n' Wild lipstick in Mauve Outta Here- Spring means bust out that pink lipstick! This is a fave of mine for sure. You can see it here on a guest post I did. 

-Non Beauty Faves-

Deep Chocolate VitaTops- I have a sweet tooth, like bad. I saw these on YouTube somewhere then at Target, so I thought I'd try them. At night when I need something sweet, I've been heating one of these up with some berries. Yum! 

Private Lives of Nashville Wives- Reality wives + Nashville, a match made in heaven for this girl. I have a longtime love for country music and anything related to Nashville. I love seeing the behind the music type stuff, like the lifestyle and songwriting. This is the 1st season of this and I am so hooked.  Speaking of country music, anyone else watch the ACM's last night? 

Crystal Light & Dasani water drops- I pretty much drink only water, with the occasional pop or tea. Sometimes I want a little something extra so I've been carrying one of these in my purse. When I'm at work or even out to a restaurant I'll squirt a little bit in my water. It's the perfect little treat!  

That's it for my March faves, now that we're already well into April... Sorry 'bout that. 

Tell me something you've been loving lately?


  1. I've been trying to figure out my wetnwild lipstick.. It's a bit dry for me but I've been trying to get my lips better and maybe once the warm weather really hits I'll be able to use mine.. I have been loving my covergirl lip balms..! I want more.. Haha

  2. I really want to try the dasani drops - i'm such a huge fan of crystal lite and need to change up the flavors!! I tried watching Nashville Wives - but just couldn't get into it. Lifetime had a show on last year called pretty wicked moms and I so wish they would have brought it back - but it's not looking like they will!

  3. SO buying Egyptian magic now! Lauren Conrad mentioned it in an interview not too long ago too! (I was like what??)

  4. What is the wear like on the Wet and Wild lipsticks? I've been looking to try a few lately but am always hesitant when I look at them. I agree with you about the Naked palettes - it seems I change up my rotation of them regularly!

  5. Ugh amazon and your one click shopping....I should have that cream by Wednesday. My feet need some love and that should hopefully help! That lip color is so pretty and definitely love that price point!

  6. Need to try that Egyptian Magic! And have got to remember the dasani water drops next time I am getting groceries! Xx.

  7. Just the name Egyptian magic sounds like a winner to me! My skin has finally (for the most part) gotten over a really bad period of breaking out so I have quite a bit of scarring, I need to start working on getting rid of, so I like that this helps with dark spots! Those water drops sound really interesting-- it's nice they're in a little container so you can take them on the go!

  8. I've read so many scary things about those kinda things that you put in water like that - powders & drops - I'm fanatic about not drinking them. But they look so yummy & refreshing & I know water gets OLD sometimes.

  9. Better late than never! I don't think I'm even going to get my March favorites up LOL. Those Dasani drops look great- I love water flavor enhancers. :)

  10. You know who also swears by Egyptian Magic is Kate Hudson! Those Vitatops look yummy!

  11. I might have to try the Egyptian Magic? I haven't found anything that helps with all my scaring from breakouts. I love those drops, I just get the store brand ones. Strawberry watermelon is my favorite!

  12. Okay, I officially have to get the Egyptian Magic. I have facial scarring, thanks teenage acne, and hubs has machinists/mechanic hands too and needs desperate TLC. Thanks dolls! I use Mio all the time and I love it when I'm craving something sweet!

  13. I want to try ALL of your favorites (well, except for the Naked palette because I already have it and love it too!!). The Egyptian cream really does sound magical and the VitaTops sound delish! They are going on my Amazon wishlist for sure! I'm really enjoying your blog, Mia. :)

    xo Always, Abby

  14. Definitely have a sweet tooth, too....I need to get those vita pops!

  15. So glad you love the Egyptian Magic! I use it every night!


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