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Friday, April 4, 2014

Cheers, it's Friday.

Do you struggle with your opening line? I do, almost every time I sit down. What is wrong with me?

Tell me I'm not alone. 

Anyway, happy Friday! I have a pretty exciting weekend ahead. Details below & I get to go visit my little brother Sunday. I haven't seen him since they moved him from Tulsa to a nursing home in Ft. Smith. He's doing so good. I can't even explain to you the feeling of my phone ringing and hearing his voice on the other end saying "hi". We're still posting videos almost daily of his progress on the FB page. He's pretty amazing.  

Now onto some excitement from the week-

Kristal's husband won tickets to the Lady Antebellum & Kacey Musgraves concert, but they didn't want to go due to Robert leaving for his work trip the next day. So, they gave them to our friend Angela and I. It was such a good concert, the only thing missing was Kristal! This was our 2nd Lady A concert, they do not disappoint. 

One perk of being an adult, if we want ice cream for dinner, we can have ice cream for dinner. It was amazing.

2 of my favorite shows came back this week! Fun fact, Giuliana is my fave celeb. I've loved her for years. She replied to 1 of my tweets years ago, it was a major highlight in life for sure. Notice how old it is, thank goodness for the "favorites" feature on Twitter! Guys, she loves me. We're practically bff's. 
And… Kristal and I tried to stalk run into them when we went to Chicago.
One day, we'll meet. Unless she reads my blog and gets a restraining order. 

I'm in love with my current go to weekend breakfast. These Van's Gluten Free waffles are so good, I'm loving the blueberry ones right now. I add blueberries, raspberries, cinnamon and a drizzle of syrup. Heaven on a plate. (I'm not Gluten free, I just love finding healthier alternatives)

The time is finally here, tomorrow Kristal and I will finally learn how to use our beloved Canon Rebels! We signed up for Mamarazzi a couple months ago and the class is tomorrow. It's a 4 hour photography class taught by a couple of local bloggers and photographers, Jenny Collier and Ashley Thompson. I'm so exited to learn everything about the camera and get to take this course and learn with my bestie! Hopefully I'll be able to display some of my new skills soon ;)

Thanks for stopping by, hope your week has been a fabulous one. 

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Who is your favorite celeb?


  1. I'm glad my besties were able to enjoy the Lady A concert. I love that pic of you two! I'm so excited for our class tomorrow!!! Finally!! Oh, I always struggle with the opening line, too! Sometimes the closing line even. :)

  2. The first two lines are really the hardest...then it just flows!! I am obsessed with Bill & Guiliana and Eric & Jessie (they are the new Nick and Jessica for me but I hope they stay together haha) Have fun at your class and hope you learn new tricks to share with us!! Happy weekend friend!

  3. I hope you'll share some of your newfound DSLR skills on here after your class - I'm jealous! I also use a Canon Rebel, but I am kind of just making it up as I go along. :) Lady A is awesome in concert - I saw them a couple years ago at Summerfest. I LOVE Guiliana and Bill Rancic! She has my dream job - I always use to joke that I was going to move to California and take her spot on E! News ... a girl can dream, right? Have a great weekend lady!

  4. The haaardest part of writing a post for me is that opening paragraph! I always want to start with "Happy whatever day it is!" but I can't do that every single time haha. I'll usually write my whole post and then go back and do the opening. And SO cool that Giuliana responded to your tweet! I'm always trying to stalk them when they're in Chicago.. no sightings yet despite multiple RPM trips! One of these days :)

  5. I'm so happy G&B is back too! Love her! Have a great weekend!

  6. Yep - keep that proof that she loves you near for dreary days :)
    I'm a GENIUS with my opening lines.. insert sarcasm...

  7. That class tomorrow sounds like it will be so fun! I wish I had a fancy camera-- I can hardly use my regular one correctly! haha Lately I've realized I usually skip over any kind of welcome or greeting in my posts and just jump into whatever I'm talking about-- doesn't make for the most personalized approach! Ahh I bet that was such a fun concert to go to! So nice of Kristal to let you guys take the tickets :) I always get a little over-excited out when anyone "famous" responds to my tweets-- usually authors!

  8. Oh my heavens twitter moments like that are the BEST! I adore Eric & Jessie but haveb't watched G & Bill! Have a faaabulous weekend!!! xoxo

  9. I have been thinking about getting a Canon Rebel...I got a Canon Powershot for Christmas before I started my blog so I feel bad asking for another camera...blogger problems!!! Hooray for getting to see your brother this Sunday! Xx.

  10. Well I think that was a great opening line! I love that Christian is talking some! Wahhoooo! That makes my heart swoon! And having ice cream for dinner? I knew you were a girl after my own heart <3

  11. I want ice cream for dinner! Maybe a brownie too! :) I can't wait to see your beautiful pictures you learn to take at your class!

  12. Ice cream for dinner is one of my favorites (besides chips and salsa of course!) I really need to take another course for my DSLR sometimes an iPhone pic is just so much easier! Hope you're having a great weekend girl! xoxoxo

  13. Your ice cream looks amazing! I love that about being an adult. :) My friend actually went to RPM a few months ago and said it was really, really amazing (I'm not surprised)... so now I want to go! Giuliana (and Bill) seems like such a smart, grounded celebrity. I can see why you like the two of them so much!

  14. i'm sure it was automatic and that everyone got one, but G&B tweeted me a few weeks ago!! it was to watch their show but IT TOTALLY COUNTS! ;)

  15. I struggle with how to start ALL MY POSTS so u are deff not alone. And how cool u got the tickets to see Lady A! I love them but have only seen them once. I'm soooo glad your brother is doing so well. God is so good!!!


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