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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Car Ride Q&A- Nuttle Style

I've seen the interview with the Mr's going around and I love them! I first saw them on Katie and Maegen's blogs. They're adorable. 

I wanted to interview Dustin, I thought this previous weekends car ride to Kansas would be the perfect time. Ours is a little different... tables turned and he interviewed me! We try to have a good time and make time pass quickly on 6+ hour car rides, this time was no different!

First up, I'm interviewing Dustin-

M: What does OOTD stand for?

D: Am I supposed to know this? Optional Opaque Testing Disorder
M: huh?

M: My Fave TV show?

D: Oh you know, all the housewives, including Nashville.

M: Name 1 thing about me nobody knows?

D: Your feet are ticklish.

M: We're at Starbucks, what am I ordering?

D: Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte
M: What size?
D: Grande Burrito
M: These days it's a Venti, but close enough 

M: What is your favorite thing for us to do together?
(Just like ALL the other men, an evil grin took place right here...)
D: Walks around the neighborhood 

*BONUS QUESTION* I had to ask for fun, so glad I did. We each had a mouthful of sunflower seeds, hence the trouble understanding.... 

M: What is a Hunter Wellie?

D: Huh?
M: What is a Hunter Wellie?

D: A Hunter Belly?
M: Wellie! It's a boot!

Now I let him ask me a few questions-

D: What is something I wish I had more time for?

M: The yard (wishful thinking) Just kidding, tinkering in the garage or fishing.

D: What would you say is the funnest thing we've ever done together?
M: I have 2- snorkeling in Cancun and hiking the Grand Canyon

D: What is my beer of choice?

M: Coors Light or Blue Moon or Guinness 

D: What is my hunting weapon of choice?

M: A bow and arrow, Katniss Everdeen style 

D: What is my favorite food I never order?
M: Ohh that's hard. I have no idea.

D: Christian always orders it.
M: Steak! 
D: Nope.
M: Ribs!
D: Yup.
M: Well why don't you ever order them?
D: They're messy and I'm lazy. 

That's it, we just did 5 questions to keep it short. We had a fun time doing it. If you haven't already you should too! 

Then on the way home, this happened. Any other SNL Gilly fans out there??

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  1. Oh my gosh, these are seriously the most funny posts to read! I loved all of his answers- especially the starbucks size hahaha :)

  2. Hahaha love this! I'm going to have to do this on my next road trip for sure! Too fun!

    <3, Pamela

  3. Bahaha! Love these! Grande Burrito is my fave. And that face! What a fun way to pass the time.

  4. Cute idea! We have a 7+ hour car ride next week so I might just have to do this with Ryan! :)

  5. These are too fun! My favorite is the answer to OOTD, ha !

  6. bahahahahah that is the best picture ever! What a good sport I don't think I could bribe Mark to do that but I do what to ask him what OOTD is....can't wait to hear that response!

  7. this is so cute - well looks like you guys really know one another!! I love the Hunter Wellie response - classic!!

  8. Very cute! I need to do this with Zack the next time we drive to the lake!

  9. This was adorable. Hunter Wellie whats?!

  10. Please order a Grande Burrito next time you're at Starbucks with a dead straight face haha. Great Q & A :)

    1. Haha I was just going to say this same thing! So funny!

  11. bahaha love it! He's hilarious and that photo kills me!!

  12. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!! (I'm totally doing this on the way to Chicago)

  13. this is easily the most fabulous q&a i have ever read.

  14. I'm going to Starbucks & asking for a Grande Burrito size! :) haha

  15. I love sensing how much fun you two have together...Spyros and I are like that and I love it. Life is to short to always be serious :)!! Xx.

  16. I just quizzed Blake on a few of your Qs. This is what I got...
    J: Do you know OOTD means?
    B: On our toughest day?

    J: What about NOTD?
    B: Not on this day?

    J: What's a Hunter Wellie?
    B: Oh, that easy. It's when hunter's cry.

  17. Love this! So cute and fun to see your questions for each other and learn the answers.

    xo, Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds


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