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Thursday, March 27, 2014

{Thankful Thursday} 3/27/14

Morning loves and happy Thursday. Is it just me or is this week flying by? Woo-hoo for the upcoming weekend. 

Welcome back for another Thankful Thursday. If you're new here, it's all about finding things throughout your week that you are thankful for. Whether it's 1 thing from each day or 1 major thing, whether it's a friend or a cup of coffee. Anything at all! We'd LOVE to have you link up with us. 

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Things I've been thankful for this last week-

This guy. My love, my husband and my best friend. We've been together for almost 8 years now, I love him more and more each year. I'm just thankful to have him, and so excited for our next chapter in life with moving to Florida. I'm looking forward to the adventure with my best friend.

Friends + dinner dates. This last week we spent time with friends over a great dinner twice. Sunday we went out for pizza and drinks with Kristal and Robert. Then Tuesday we had Angela & Andrew and baby Robbie over for a Spaghetti meal. I majorly failed though and forgot to snap a picture Tuesday. I'm so thankful for sweet fiends and time spent together. 

Posts that pop up, exactly when I need them. I read Tara's post yesterday after a night that ended in tears. I struggle often, with time and trying to make everything perfect all the time. Working full time, running our home, blogging and life get a little overwhelming at times. I'm not complaining, just being honest. I try to make everything perfect and run smooth at all times. Somedays I feel like I'm drowning at the end of the night. This happened Tuesday. So, in short, I needed this post to remind myself that all the to-do lists and things I think I have to get done, can wait. Which then lead to this….

Relaxing and doing things I wanted to do. I blew off things that were on my to do list last night, instead doing things I wanted to do and things that were relaxing to me. That consisted of:
-A looong hot shower. You know, the type where you exfoliate your body, deep condition your hair and shave your entire leg, not the just knee down. Followed by warm pj's and fuzzy socks.
-Blogging. I was on a roll, I wanted to do blog work.
-Bible study in preparation for LifeGroup tonight
-Cooking a nice dinner and sitting at the table talking with my hubby and not feeling rushed
-Cuddling with Pixie (isn't she the cutest?)
-Eating a Chocolate VitaTop with fresh raspberries & blueberries 

It was glorious, I need more nights like this- at home, with Dustin, relaxing. 

There are a few things I've been thankful for this week, what about you? Tell me 1 thing you were thankful for this week :)


  1. Tara's post was awesome & hit home with me, too!! So glad you enjoyed a relaxing night at home last night doing what you love & being with who you love. THAT is what I'm most excited about for y'all in moving to Florida. :)

  2. I read Tara's post as well - and it's so true...we try to be perfect when really we should just be the best versions of ourselves!! You do so much - so really be proud of everything you do accomplish!! Friends and dinner dates really are the best!! Happy Thursday :)

  3. This has got to be one of my favorite posts! I'm going to check out Tara's blog because that definitely sounds like something I need to read as well! I love the photos of you and Kristal & you and your husband! You guys are so cute!

  4. Oh man... I need more relaxing nights doing what I want & NEED to do for my soul...
    I loved that Bible Study... Priscilla is amazing!
    Headed to check out that blog post you talked about.

  5. Good for you for taking a time out from all the to-do lists and taking time for yourself! I need to learn how to do this myself, but at least I know it is possible.

  6. haha 'shaving your whole leg' now you know you're relaxed! And if it means anything, you do an excellent job blogging, your home looks adorable (I love that cabinet in the background!) you and your hubby look fabulous and you got a dinner date- I'd say you are doing things perfectly! Go girl!

  7. Love that picture of you and Kristal! And good for you for taking a night for yourself! Sometimes you just gotta leave that to-do list behind and do what you want :) Happy Thursday girl!

  8. Love your thankful thursday list! Yay for bloggy friend dinner dates!! Were you two friends pre-blog? Either way I would have loved to join that dinner!!!

    And lastly a big 'yay' for your heart. I'm so glad that my bloggy space could be an encouragement to you right when you needed it. I'm with you on the tears and I've wept my fair share a time or two recently. It’s encouraging to know that we aren’t alone in this and that others have walked in similar shoes.

    Big hugs to you friend!

  9. Time with friends is always awesome!
    Kristal is sure going to miss you when you move!

    I understand you on being stressed with trying to make everything perfect. Time to relax is needed. Glad you got that time.

    <3 In our weakness, He is made strong.

  10. I loveeee long and hot showers.. I think it's actually bad for my dry skin, but I can't shower with cold water, even in the Summer.. :)

  11. I struggle with that too - trying to find time to blog. It looks like you've been doing a great job though - I skimmed your blog a bit :) Keep it up!

    Pixie is PRECIOUS.

    I live in FL! Not the Panhandle, though. I'm excited you're moving here - it's great! "I live where you vacation." I've heard people say that a lot and I always thought it was...rude? Idk..I think it comes off that way a little lol. BUT it is true.

    Happy Thursday :)

  12. I have to say I'm thankful for my health because exactly a week ago I was sick! Haha. Cheers, it's almost the weekend!


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