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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

{Glam Series} Fave Beauty Girls

I am excited to share some of my favorite beauty YouTubers and bloggers today with you. 

These are the girls who their makeup looks and tutorials mesmerize and inspire me. Their reviews are the best. I trust their opinions. I just love them! 

First up, my top 2 YouTube beauty gurus. These girls always have perfect makeup and their goofy personalities crack me up. (I did a whole post on some of my fave YouTubers a while back, you can find that here

Jaclyn Hill

Nicole Guerriero

Next up, 2 beauty bloggers that I've followed and loved for a long time. One has GORGEOUS makeup looks and one has the most detailed reviews! 

Kissable Complexions

Rosy Chicc

Linking up this week with Love Always, Nancy J today for her weekly Glam Series.

LA Nancy J

Are you familiar with these girls? Who is your fave beauty blogger/vlogger?


  1. I LOVE watching makeup Youtube channels. Thanks for sharing these girls! I'm intrigued already!

  2. Jaclyn Hill is probably my favorite as well!! I feel like she knows what she's talking about + I love how real her personality is! I've never seen Kissable Complexions so I'm going to check her out now!

  3. Love Jaclyn and Nicole! Another great beauty website is The Beauty Department - everything from skin to hair to makeup tips and tricks!

  4. You know Nicole is my fave! I will check out those beauty bloggers too, you can never have enough!


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