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Thursday, February 27, 2014

{Thankful Thursday} #prayformayberry Progress & A Thank You

Good morning and happy Thursday to ya! Today I am going to share a little about what's been happening lately with my little brothers recovery. 

I'm linking up with my sweet co-hosts today for this weeks Thankful Thursday, make sure and check them out too! 

If you are new here, let me give you a quick recap. My 16 year old little brother, Christian, was in an ATV accident on Sept 1, 2013. He suffered a T.B.I and was in a coma for months, had 2 bone flaps removed from his head due to swelling of the brain, almost died several times within those months and for almost 6 months has showed zero signs of communication. Doctors have not given us much hope at all.

But we knew different. 

We have never doubted that he will make a full recovery. We know God is the one in charge here. Christian is still alive for a reason. We have stuck by his side 24/7 since the accident. Dad has slept in his room every single night and my parents have not been home since Sept 1. We have stayed positive and done nothing but encourage Christian and tell him he WILL get better and he'll be home soon and back to normal.

Well guess what, in just the last 2 weeks he is finally waking up! He has gone from doing nothing at all to blowing us away. He's talking to us in a whisper, smiling, saying words, kissing, hugging, thumbs up, waving, telling us he's thirsty, saying he needs to go to the bathroom, all kinds of stuff. Out of nowhere, he's coming back to us.

To walk into that room and see him smile and mouth "hi" to us, I can't even describe it. I've missed him so much.

He still has a long way to go, but holy cow is he making progress, and quickly! He is staying at the current rehab facility for another 3 weeks and they say they are going to work him very hard. They say he will be eating after the 3 weeks is up. Praise God! Poor guy, I can only imagine how much he misses food and drinks!

Our family has tried to stay as strong and positive for him as possible, despite other issues we've faced, and there have been many. In the beginning somebody created a Facebook page for us to update his status, I started updating almost daily and people started following his story. We now have almost 6,000 people following his story and constantly praying and encouraging us. I can't even believe it, but man are we thankful. I don't know how we would make it through without the constant love and support from all of these people praying for our boy and our family, and most of them are strangers, but not anymore! We are constantly blown away by all the love. God has sent us so many people to encourage us, people with stories so similar to ours, where no hope was given but today all is well! I don't know God's plan in all of this, but he has one and we trust in him. 

Christian has touched so many lives, and we know that will only continue for the rest of his life. We believe Christian will be completely restored and sharing his testimony one day.

I wanted to share this comment from the other day on the page, it just really touched me. (He told me I could share)

We've been through so much, things like this warm my heart. We don't think twice about what we do or say, it's just what we do. I have so many people who have told us how Christian and our family have changed their lives in so many ways, even people who didn't believe in Jesus and now they do!

Thank you Steve and EVERY SINGLE PERSON who loves and prays for Christian and our family. We may not be able to comment or reply to everything, but we see it. Every comment, message, card and letter. We love you all.

I'll say it again. God has a plan. A plan to use Christian and to use his story and testimony to change lives. This is just the beginning, the beginning of a very long story. Christian's story.

Christian celebrated his 17th birthday this weekend. We were beyond thrilled to actually be able to have a celebration with him. He knew what was going on! It was amazing!

I'm leaving you with these 2 videos that my step brother put together this last week. A glimpse into what's been happening all within the last couple weeks, and his birthday party. 

If you would like to continue to follow our story, you can like the Facebook page. We have posted several videos lately there as well. 



  1. For sure things to be thankful for! I check the page often and get so excited I share with my husband!

  2. Oh my heart is OVERFLOWING!!!!!!!! God is so good and so faithful and seeing Christian come back is one of the most AMAZING things I have experienced thus far! Praise Jesus and welcome back, Christian!!!

  3. This is truly amazing! Such good news! Not only is his recovery amazing, but seeing the hope & faith he is restoring in others. <3

  4. So happy to hear that he is recovering and making progress every day!! He's a fighter and is really showing us how powerful prayer and positive thinking and energy can be!

  5. Oh Mia, this makes me so happy to hear! God had a plan for Christian all along and to see the amount of people he is inspiring is amazing! As always, praying for continued healing and peace for your family!

  6. Oh my goodness... What a sweet soul he is. Those kisses & hand holding. I'd want to stay with him all day long. Look at his strength in that chair too! He knows he's surrounded by people who believe in him & our God! Keep the updates & videos coming!

  7. Just found your link-up through Upward Not Inward. Excited to be joining in! Looks like the Lord is doing great things here!


  8. I am so happy he is progressing! Your family will be in my prayers!

    xoxo Taylor

  9. What a miracle- I'm so incredibly happy for your family and Christian! God has a plan for us all if we trust in him, and this goes to show he always pulls through. Hope this next week brings even more progress!

  10. I literally had chills reading this....what an amazing and strong family....I can't wait to hear about his progress and updates!

  11. Such an inspiration! What an incredible young man! Still praying... God Bless you all. Go Christian!

  12. That is truly amazing, I'm so glad your family is seeing improvements after their dedication the past 6 months. I'm sure you all are walking a little taller these days!

  13. i love the recaps on his amazing progress! big things are going to happen. i just know it!!

  14. Tears have sprung into my eyes! JOY! Glory! Praise HIM whom all blessings flow <3!!! Xx.

  15. My comments aren't showing up! Trying again.... So happy for him and your whole family! You all stayed strong and faithful and look what a blessing u all are receiving!!!! Amazing!!!!

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