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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Hello loves. I am excited to share a new find with you. I recently received an email about a brand new company, I was immediately intrigued. Now this won't be for everyone, but for beauty junkies like myself, I think it's genius. 

You all know I am subscribed to Ipsy, and have had other monthly subscriptions as well. On top of subscription boxes, I love getting samples and trying new things. If I can get free shipping, I'd rather order online from Ulta or Sephora just to get all the free samples they include in their orders. I get really excited when they throw in one of those makeup bags FULL of deluxe samples with your qualifying order... Score!

Because of the above, this girl has a couple drawers full of samples and deluxe samples that don't ever get touched. Not to mention, makeup that I bought or received that doesn't get touched either. 

The concept of this site? It's a place where you can create a store and list all your products that you don't want and trade, or divvy, other users for product they don't want, for FREE. When you get your Ipsy bag or Birchbox and you didn't get exactly what you wanted, just trade! Who wouldn't want to trade things you'll never use for things you want?! Sign me up!

Like I said, I think it's genius. 

After receiving the email, I immediately signed up. Then I went through my stuff and gathered about 10 things I had that I wanted to "divvy" for something else. I snapped pics and uploaded them all to my store. I immediately looked at some other girls stores and made a couple of offers. 

I feel like this site is very user friendly, which I REALLY like. You can easily make an offer to trade whatever products of yours for whatever products you'd like in somebodies store. That person can accept, decline or counter offer you.

I very quickly made 5 successful divvy's. A couple of my offers were declined, I declined 1 and counter offered 1, and a couple were cancelled due to non response. 

So, what do you do when you accept or have a divvy accepted? It immediately shows you the address of the person who you are doing business with and it's your responsibility to ship your product to them. I wanted to test out this process a few times before actually sharing it with you. 

I've now shipped all 5 of my divvy's out. Each package cost me about $1 to $2 to ship. I quickly received my trades too.

Here are my successful divvy's-

First, I traded this sample size Benefit "That Girl" primer 
and a Chella brow pencil for a 2-pack of Kiss lashes. 

Then, I traded this deluxe sample Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner for a travel pack of makeup wipes and a Stila all over highlight. (this girl has too many hair samples and I love travel size makeup wipes for trips)

I traded 2 Zoya and 2 Julep polishes for 1 Julep polish, 1 BA Star loose shadow, 2 Elf brushes and a gorgeous Studio Gear palette. 

I have 2 more that I will receive any day now.

I wasn't sure if it was only sample size products, but as you browse you will find ALL kinds of things. Sample size, deluxe size and full size, makeup, skincare, hair items, jewelry and accessories. Also, pay attention to the condition because there are a mixture of new and slightly used items.

I definitely plan to continue to use It's not something I'll be doing every week, but when I get products I won't use, I'll add them to my store and make trades. I would definitely rather have products I will use. 

I think the concept and site are wonderful and easy to use. Like I said, I've now made 5 successful divvy's and they have all been smooth as can be. 

So you have to just trust they will send you your product? I have had nothing but pleasant experiences so far, but the website says if you never receive your product and have contacted the other person and they don't respond after 24 hours, contact the team. 

You have to mail it yourself? I have no problem at all paying around $2 to ship product out because otherwise they are just sitting there. Me personally, I will probably just make divvy's that are really worth it to me. It's not particularly easy for me to make it to the post office due to business hours, so I won't just accept any divvy or tiny sample trades. 

That's it for me, I am loving this website and can't wait to continue making more divvy's in the future! 

Is this something you could see yourself using?


  1. Wow this is such a cool idea! Kind of like ebay for makeup but for trading instead of money!

  2. Mia! That is such a cool concept! And for sue exactly something you could use. Very neat company concept :)

  3. Do you ever see things that are created and think "why didn't I think of that?" This is a great idea...I don't have too many samples that I haven't used...but now that i know I'll have a place to trade- I might keep them around!

  4. How have I never heard of this?! Signing up now!!

  5. Thanks for the heads up on this site; it's genius!

  6. What a great idea! I mean I live for samples- most all of the mascaras I use on a daily basis are samples I've gotten and keep in my purse! haha

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