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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

{Beauty Tag} What I'm Not Sorry For

Hey loves- I'm finally getting to this tag that VeroSays! tagged me in. Sorry it took me so long girl!

I've seen a few people participating in this tag and I really like it. I've been a fan of beauty blogs and YouTube beauty gurus for a while now. It really irritates me when I see people leaving rude comments on what bloggers/vloggers should or shouldn't  be doing, how they do their makeup, what makeup they use, etc. The fact is, we are all different. We like different things, do things different, think different and share different things.

Which brings me to my 5 things I won't be apologizing for-

My Makeup Collecting
It's no secret I like makeup, skincare and beauty items. I always have and always will. Some people collect coins, I collect makeup. Makeup is an art to me, I love to experiment and try new products. That doesn't make me superficial. Makeup and beauty related things are my passion. Am I running out of room in my home? Am I putting my husband and I in debt. Nope. I just like makeup :) 

Liking Nice Things
Kind of similar to the above. I hate when people say that someone sharing photos of their Michael Kors purse or Chanel makeup, means they're bragging. If you like nice things and can afford it, go for it! You only live once. I love buying and trying high end makeup. Department stores honestly just make really good makeup. I also love a lot of drugstore items, my collection is pretty equal really. 

Taking a Long Time to Get Ready
Ok, my hubby would tell you I take hours. That isn't true... I do spend a while on my makeup because I truly love putting on makeup each day. Like I said above, it's art to me and my face is a blank canvas each and every day, it's fun for me.

Tugging On My Eyelid When Applying Liquid Liner
I know... it causes wrinkles. I wear liquid liner 1-3 times a week and when I do I always tug on my eyelid to pull it tight. It makes your line perfectly straight, no mess ups. I'm doubting those few times a week I do it are intensifying my eye wrinkles. 

Always Wearing a Full Coverage Face
I am not someone that wears makeup at home. I am someone that has makeup on when I leave the house though. (except for the gym) It's just who I am.

There you have it- a few things I do in the beauty world that some people may care about, but I however do not. 

Judgement free zone here peeps. 

What's 1 thing you do (beauty or non) that you aren't sorry for? 


  1. I wear liquid everyday so I pull mine taught too. I'm trying to learn to do it without, but in the end to smooth over the bumpiness I have to pull on them. Oh well! And I love a smooth face so I'm all for full coverage foundation!

  2. Makeup collecting/loving is no different than any other hobby or collection in my opinion :) That's how I feel about my nail polish collection when people think I'm slightly crazy :)

  3. I'm not sorry for wearing mascara at 5:30 in the morning when I teach Barre....I ever rarely leave the house without a swipe of some kind of makeup ;-)

  4. I cannot leave my house without filling in the sparse spots in my eyebrows. I feel naked and that small amount of time to fill in those brows makes me feel more confident ;-D

  5. You aren't alone girl! I agree with every single one of these! And I literally never leave the house without makeup - at the very least primer and mascara!

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