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Monday, February 17, 2014

A Day in the Life!

Happy Monday! <--- Yes, I said happy Monday, I'm that person. 

I don't know about you, but I love reading the "Day in the life" posts. The first one I ever read was from Shay. I thought, why not join in and do one for myself? If you're interested in what a typical day for me looks like, keep reading.... 

{6 am} First alarm goes off. I've been working hard to break my "snooze 584 times" habit, so far so good. Up and at em! (Dustin leaves around 4:15am each day, he gets a dragon breath, 95% asleep kiss each day though, lucky him)

I make a cup of coffee, grab my laptop and Jesus Calling book and have some blog & Jesus time. I read my devotion for the day, have some prayer and publish/share my post for the day, all while wrapped up in my flannel sheets and drinking my coffee. 

Just keeping it real. Time to start getting ready for the day. 

Pixie always comes in and watches mama get ready.

{8 am} Done, voila! Head to the kitchen, pack up my food for the day and be on my way to work.

{8:20ish am} Here I am, welcome to my office- man it looks cluttered. Here I'll stay until 5pm on the dot. Except for the 30+ bathroom breaks (I drink a ton of water), girl chat breaks and my lunch.

{9 am} Breakfast, an apple and vanilla Greek yogurt with granola- I know, I eat way after I get up. I want my coffee first!

{12 pm} LUNCH! Today, Chicken sausage pasta leftovers.

{3 pm} Snack time, the new Cookies & Cream Quest bars are the bomb. 

{5:15 pm} Make it home, always eagerly greeted by lil miss.

Followed by kisses, she loves it, don't let her face fool you.

Mix up my pre-workout cocktail. Love me some Spark!

{5:45 pm} This boy makes it home, and we're off to the gym! I say "Hey, we need a pre gym selfie" this is what happens.

Bootcamp with this beauty! 

Ruin hour long torture I just endured for Velveeta. (Not the norm, but sometimes you just need a crap meal)

{8-10 pm} Showers and getting ready for the next day. Dustin goes to bed early, so I end my Monday nights with a lit candle and my guilty pleasure, Real Housewives of whatever city is currently on. #noshame

{Around 10 pm} I crawl into bed, hubby is about an hour into snoring at this point. I catch up on social media, watch my YouTube beauty gurus and then pass out about an hour later.

Well that was fun, I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my day. It's safe to say most of my week days are pretty similar, with a few night time activity changes. 

What is 1 routine that you do daily?


  1. Love these- Noticed your commute to work is only 15 minutes…thats pretty amazing!! I definitely have a very similar routine!

  2. Loved this post. Day in the life posts are so interesting.
    Pre-gym selfies rock!
    I like your morning Jesus and blogging routine....taking pointers here!

  3. I, too, love reading these posts & reading yours is no different. Loved it! :)

  4. #noshame for me either... I watch them all :)
    I love your big window by your desk in your office... sunlight helps get through the day.

  5. Jesus Calling is the best. Such a good way to start the day!

  6. Sounds about the same for me! I love getting into bed and catching up on social media!

  7. Love day in the life posts! I'm so impressed that your husband leaves for work at 4:15 AM! That is SO EARLY! I'm not really a functioning human being until about 7 am haha so I could never handle that. Real Housewives and a candle are the best way to finish off any day!

  8. Yeah I always love reading these posts! I have attempted to do this on at least 5 different occasions and then forget to take the middle of the day pictures....Oh that little face I would attack her with kisses every night too!

  9. Haha, love your cute pajamas and your bathroom looks so big & amazing! I always have my coffee first thing and then eat quite a bit later most of the time as well!

  10. It's weird how much I enjoy reading these posts! Love your quiet morning and I LOVE Jesus Calling. I take one bazillion bathroom breaks too. It's obnoxious!

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