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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

{My Thoughts} Advocare 24 Day Challenge

We did it, we completed the Advocare 24 day challenge! Dustin and I started on Wednesday Jan 1 and finished Friday Jan 24. I ended up not taking any before & after photos, reasons below. I definitely enjoyed the program and products!
This was my first time actually participating in a challenge, but not my first time taking/using Advocare. My best friend is a distributor, so I'm very familiar with it. I have done the cleanse once before and drink Spark, so half of it wasn't anything new to me. 

Why I decided to do it? After my brothers accident and the holidays, life had just been hectic. We got off track a little as far as our food and exercise habits. We wanted motivation and something to really jump start the new year, getting back on track. Things had kind of calmed down and we were at a place where we could get back in the gym 3 days a week. I really wanted to do the cleanse, to really cleanse out the toxins and crap from the last few months. I also thought it'd be nice to have a little of that extra energy that everyone always talks about while doing the challenge. I did not want to lose any weight though. I have maintained my weight for the last year or so and I am happy with that and feel my body is exactly where it should be weight-wise. I am now just maintaining and toning myself, trying to stay healthy and fit.

How does it work? There are 2 parts to it. The first 10 days are the cleanse phase. This includes probiotic and herbal cleanse pill packets you take in the AM & PM as well as a fiber cleanse you drink several of the mornings. You drink Spark before breakfast then eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and an AM & PM snack each day. Days 11-24 is the Max Phase. The only thing that really changes is the pills you switch to and you drink a meal replacement shake for breakfast each day. This is where your energy really kicks in!

What did I eat? I did this challenge about 95%. You can see in the food suggestions below what it suggests you eat while on the challenge. Most people completely cut out sugar, coffee, dairy, carbs, etc. It suggests you limit or avoid. I did cut out sugar, except for that Olive Garden chocolate mint I popped in my mouth without event thinking! There were about 3 days I replaced my Spark with a cup of coffee, it was cold and I wanted it... Carbs- I did eat a few low carb tortillas at lunch a few times. Other than that, we ate a whole lot of fruits, veggies, protein shakes and chicken. 

My workout routine? Man it feels good to be back at the gym! The gym makes me happy and it's a great stress reliever for me. We go to the gym Monday and Wednesday nights after work, then early Saturday morning. On Monday and Saturday I do an hour bootcamp class. On Wednesday I try to go to the gym early and do a couple miles on the elliptical or treadmill, then I do an hour bootcamp class. Sometimes I run on my treadmill at home in between gym days, but that's pretty rare.

How I felt during the challenge?  Amazing. I loved all the energy I had while on it. The combination of clean eating and the supplements you are on truly make you feel awesome.  I got up almost an hour earlier each day than usual, drank my Spark and took my pills for the morning and I was ready to go!

Final thoughts? I loved doing this challenge, I really did. I felt amazing and it was exactly what I needed. The energy and motivation were exactly what I was looking for. I am thinking about switching to the MNS packets for good, as my daily vitamins. I have bought canisters of Spark for over a year and will continue to, I love it before I workout. Dustin did it as well, he did end up losing 10 lbs, the 10 lbs he'd put on over the last few months. He dropped them almost instantly, MEN. 

Obviously I enjoyed it and pretty much everything I talked about above are my "pros". 

-It's pricey, so you definitely have to decide if it's worth it to you. I think it's absolutely worth it. 

-There are a lot of pills. Not really a con to me simply because I am very used to taking a couple hand fulls of vitamins/supplements each day. If you are one of those people who has a hard time with pills, you may hate that part of it. 

-The fiber drink. Again, doesn't bother me so much but Dustin hated it. Most people do, I'm a weird-o. 

My review is a little different due to the fact that I wasn't trying to lose weight and I did it about 90-95% food-wise. I did not lose any weight, like I said I believe my body is exactly where it should be in terms of weight on the scale. I can definitely tell a difference though, everything fits me better now than it did before. I'm sure I lost a few inches and gained a little muscle, I just didn't measure. I just feel better ALL the way around. This will be something I can see doing again for sure. 

Have you ever tried the 24DC? Something you may try someday?


  1. I have not done the challenge, but I have a good friend that swears by it. She lost some weight and it allowed her to get pregnant.

  2. Glad you enjoyed the challenge & are feeling refreshed!

  3. You have better will power then me... I couldn't do something like that. Too many pills... plus, I'd be afraid all that fiber would have me in the bathroom for the full 20-something days :)

  4. Good for you guys for getting back on track! Love your gym schedule - M,W,S - I may have to adapt that for myself! Attempting to go every day is just too overwhelming. Yay for a good start to the new year!

  5. I've done the cleanse and I liked it because it really encouraged me to eat veggies and fruit. But I am afraid to try the challenge because it was expensive and I am afraid of meal replacement shakes. I've never tried a meal replacement shake that didn't taste gross.

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