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Friday, January 10, 2014

A Tablet to Change Your Taste Buds? #H54F

Well hello again, and happy Friday to ya! Is it just me, or did this week creep? I think it's the blast of icy cold weather and dreary days, they've just been draaaaaaaging on! 

But hey, it's Friday!

Linking up with a couple pretty ladies today- The Lauren Elizabeth and A. Liz Adventures  <-- seriously one of the cutest pregnant girls EVER. I hope I glow like she does when I'm pregnant.  

Anyway, onto some highlights from my week! 

{one} Seeing my baby brother. Poor guy had a rough week, he had another surgery to remove the shunt they put in Dec. 16th. He seems to be doing a little better though, praise God!

{two} Kristal got me hooked on these Ambrosia apples. I'd never even heard of them before and now I can't stop eating them! So juicy & sweet! Thanks Kristal, it's become a problem.

{three} Good ole' torture bootcamp! Ok, it's tough but it's a good kind of tough. I like it or I wouldn't go back for more, right? See those paper plates? Mountain climbers, and LOTS of them!

{four} We signed up for The Color Run in April. We did it last year and it as so fun, but we just walked. This year I am going to run my first 5k, it's a goal of mine for 2014! I'm doing it for Christian, our team name is Colors for Mayberry. Can't wait to tell him all about it one day. 

{five} Ok, this last one is pretty interesting. Jen introduced me to something called Miracle Berry. Apparently people have miracle berry parties. I know, sounds a little drug-like huh? It's a plant from Africa that changes your taste buds, no worries, all natural fun going on here ladies. You can buy these tablets on Amazon. It's so crazy though, you let the tablet completely dissolve on your tongue then start eating! It changes the tastes of everything. Super sour stuff becomes very sweet. Girls, I ate and sucked all the juices out of a lemon & lime like it was candy! The tomatoes tastes like candy too, it was so weird! They last about 30 minutes or so. Pretty fun little experiment. 

I had to share this pic I took of downtown Tulsa this week, I love it. Beautiful sunset, behind my favorite part of the city.

I hope you have a great weekend! My plans consist of bootcamp, lunch and dinner dates with a couple different friends, hospital time, grocery shopping & church with my love.

Anything fun planned for this weekend, or just staying warm? 


  1. Sounds interesting, maybe if actually eat some vegetables lol.. Your brother continues to be in my thoughts in hopes for a speedy recovery!


    1. I only had acidic things to try, I wonder what things like broccoli and carrots would taste like haha? Thank you! Have a good weekend!

  2. Those apples really are amazfest! And that tablet kind of freaks me out!!

  3. Sending prayers to your brother! Taste bud changers?? Interesting! haha Happy Weekend!

  4. The 5K goal is a great one! Its one of mine as well. Right now I can run/walk 1 mile. Its a start right!?

    I'll say a prayer for your brother! Happy Friday!

  5. So wonderful to hear that your brother is doing better and how great that you guys are running the color run in his honor! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Okay those berries sound so crazy! I think they would freak me out but also be kind of cool? I still need to find a 5k to sign up for-- it's one of my goals and I haven't started all yet! Happy Friday :)

  7. Yay for signing up for a 5k! That is my to do list for 2014, too. Color Runs sound like the best! I've never heard of Miracle Berries before, so strange?! Who am I kidding though, I'm probably about to order them right now haha happy Friday girl!

  8. I will have to try both the tablet and the apples! :) The apples really do sound irresistible and I wonder what celery will taste like with that table. Lord knows, I hate celery!!!

    A 5K!!!! Also, one of my goals this year! The Color Run in particular is on my list. The closest to me is in RI and I signed up to get VIP notification of when it'll be held because they don't have a date yet. I can't wait!! If Katie Elizabeth does it also, we should do some kind of link up to showcase our runs!! That would be oh so fun, and oh so colorful! :)

    As always, your brother is in my prayers. I will speak to my church about him tomorrow, so they can all join the army that is already in prayer for him <3

  9. So glad to hear your brother is doing better. I'll have to look for those ambrosia apples -- they sound amazing!


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