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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

{Top 3} Makeup/Beauty

Hey guys! Every Wednesday for the month of November I am going to talk about my "top 3" in 4 different categories. Makeup/beauty, bath/body, skincare and home. These will be my top 3 products that I can't live without, products I have to repurchase, my holy grail products! 

Today I am starting with Makeup/Beauty 

I discovered this stuff about 8 months ago and have been hooked since then. MUFE Matte velvet + has been my absolute fave foundation for a while, but I think this has even replaced it. It has a built in concealer and primer in it and is also SPF 20. It works perfect for my oily skin and stays put ALL day long. 

Like most people, I always used my fingers to apply my foundation. After finding and watching all the YouTube beauty gurus I've become addicted to, I took their advice and bought this brush. I honestly thought, how can a brush really make your makeup look any different. Oh, I was mistaken. This little guy blends perfectly and gives your foundation a flawless finish on your face. I highly recommend it ladies.

Another thing I have the YouTube beauty gurus to thank for… I never knew about a spray to set your makeup until them either. This stuff is kind of expensive, $29 for a mid size bottle, but I have tried other brands dupes and they do NOT even compare. This formula is the only one I like. It's a very fine mist, not a heavy shot to your face. I use it after I apply my foundation, powder, blush and highlighter. I often get comments about how my makeup always looks like I just applied it. It must be this stuff ;)

I definitely did not plan on making my top 3 makeup/beauty products all face makeup ones, but these 3 truly are my holy grail products that I can't live without. I can 100% say, the combination of these 3 products will give you the perfect makeup that lasts you all day!

There is the first edition of my Top 3 for this month, hope you enjoy the rest!

I want to ask for some specific prayers- I've been feeling a little down the last day or so. Down about my brother. Some days are just harder than others. I trust in God with all my heart that he is going to be healed, in Gods time. I just miss him though. My heart hurts when I think about this sweet little innocent boy, our gentle giant, who has been fighting for his life and it wasn't even his fault. This could have been prevented, if it weren't for peoples selfish actions. I'm sad for my parents, their life right now is living 3 hours away from home in a hospital day in and day out. I can't believe its been 2 months now since the accident. 

I am asking for prayer for healing, comfort within our family and justice. Also, they put him on a new medicine Tuesday to help him wake up more. His current medical state is "minimal consciousness". Pray this medicine helps too. We needs him to wake up and SPEAK! 

Christian, mom and I this past weekend

Love you all and thank you for your continued prayers and support.

What's your makeup/beauty product must have?


  1. Thinking of your family! Hang in there! I'm going to try all three of these products! Have you ever used the Beauty Blender? That's what I typically use to apply my liquid makeups and am wondering how this brush compares. I've heard so many great things about MUFE foundation but the one time I used it, my skin freaked out! I think I'll give this dupe a shot. Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. Thank you dear, I'm hanging in there :) I do have a beauty blender and I like it, but I do like my brush a little better. It's also easier to really clean it I feel like. I've said before, I definitely feel like the foundation is a dupe!

  2. Never heard of a setting spray! Thanks for sharing.
    Continuing to pray for you and your family!

  3. I hate this SO much for you and your family!!! Not a single day goes by that I don't lift you and your family up in prayer...multiple times a day. Praying you!

    1. Thank you Kristal we all love you dearly!

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