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Sunday, November 3, 2013

{Makeup Fave} bareMinerals Eyeshadow

Hey guys, blogging to you again from Bethany, OK. We're here visiting my brother and family weekend. He's been sleeping most of the day! I think we bore him… 

We tried Qdoba for the first time today. I know, we are so behind. I think I like it a tad bit better than Chipotle. The queso and Craft 2 option make it a little better in my book. Which one is your fave?

Ok, onto some makeup-

I have loved these bareMinerals shadows for a long time now. I started off with Silver, then I had to go get the Iced Mocha, then I needed the Deep Plum

Here are swatches of the 3 I own-
Deep Plum, Silver & Iced Mocha 

I've said before how I like things that are quick and easy for the work week mornings. Almost every weekday I am rushing to get ready for work and don't have a lot of time to spend on my makeup. I usually drag my butt out of bed last minute. Some days I want matte eyeshadow and some days shimmer, on shimmer days these are my go to shadows!

They have a built in applicator that makes applying this stuff quick and easy. I just pop it out, apply, blend and go! Heads up though, when you pull out the applicator tap the excess off first. You may get a little fall out on your cheek, just use a makeup brush to dust it off easy.

Above is the full line, I think I have my eye on the Frosted Pink next. I think the Deep Teal is beautiful but I know I would never wear it. I love the fact that they are only $12 too. I know that isn't super cheap, but it's also not very expensive for a high end shadow from Sephora. 

Have you ever tried these shadows? 


  1. I like bare minerals! I use their powder, blush, and powder eye shadow but I have never used these!

  2. First time at Chipolte?!?!! Crazy! Love their quesadillas. I've never seen these before but the colors are so pretty! They would be perfect for all of the upcoming holiday parties with their sparkliness!

    1. Yes, they would be perfect for the holidays!!

  3. So, I've only been to Qdoba and Chipotle a couple times myself. Most recently I ate at Chipotle and really loved the burrito in a bowl option. Ate that whole thing! You know how much a love eye makeup! I may not wear it all the time, but that's what I love, love! I love that the applicator is right there connected to the handle. Must try them!

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