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Friday, November 8, 2013

High Five for Friday

Good morning loves, blogging to you from my warm and cozy bed this cold morning. Today I am thankful for laptops and wifi. If only I could snap my fingers and have a cup of coffee in my hand too. When I go to bed at night I get excited about my morning coffee coming up, am I alone? Coffee addict, right here. 

Time for my week recap-
I got a mani on Tuesday. This time I had them remove my shellac and just do regular paint. I usually get shellac for special occasions or trips (Chicago) then I keep up with it for a little bit, then remove it. I just don't love having to go to the salon often. It's nice every once in a while though. This color is OPI Wooden Shoe Like to Know?. It actually has a gold shimmer but I couldn't pick that up in the photo. 

My winning streak continued this week ladies! I have been eyeing these monogrammed phone cases from the To Gild the Lily Etsy store. I entered their contest on their FB and won a free case! The one above is the one I picked. I saw Becky has this phone case too! Keep your eye out for a giveaway coming soon ;)

The Country Music Awards were on this week, and yes that was a big highlight of my week. I love the CMAs. Always have! A lot of people don't know that I have been a huge country music fan my whole life. Not just the music, but the songwriting and the industry that is country music. I have a weird love for it. That is why Nashville quickly became my favorite show!

Dustin and I met a few of our friends and LifeGroup last night at Owasso's Gathering on Main. It's a semi new gathering in the older part of Owasso with food trucks and vendors. We ate BBQ and walked around for a bit. It was nice visiting with my ladies. We sure missed Kristal though. She has had some sick babies this week so she wasn't able to make it. I sure love my LifeGroup ladies, always nice to spend my Thursday evenings with them studying the bible!

Last but definitely NOT least, our dear friends Andrew & Angela are having their precious baby today! Dustin and I were introduced almost 8 years ago through them, it's been so fun to have remained so close throughout these years and now get to watch them open the next chapter in their life. They will be amazing parents! They didn't find out the gender of their baby and I said I didn't want to know either until I got to the hospital, so I can't wait to walk through those doors! This baby will be so loved. 

I took this picture of my fur baby this week too-
She is good at using her eyes. She never jumps up on you or anything, but she is always near when there is food involved. She may or may not have had a tiny bite… 

Little bro got a visit from some sweet OKC Thunder cheerleaders yesterday. I bet he loved that!

Have a good weekend, I have a 3 day weekend ahead and several fun things going on!

What was the highlight of your week?


  1. Sounds like you had a fun filled week! The highlight of my week was seeing some family I have not seen in a long time including my great grandparents who celebrated their 70th anniversary!

  2. Love the nail polish color! So exciting for your friend! Can't wait to hear if it is a boy or girl! Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Love the phone cover you picked! Can't wait to get one for myself :) And no, you're not alone. I REALLY look forward to my morning coffee!

  4. Ha! What guy doesn't love a visit from cheerleaders!? Love the polish color - dark reds are so classic and totally my go to, so I'll have to check this one out :)

    jess | Quaintrelle


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