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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Current Wants

Hey loves! Today I am going to be sharing my list of wants for this fall season. A few items I've had my eyes on here lately. Most of them are wants simply because they are expensive. I am not one to run out and buy everything I want just because I want it. There might be a few things on this list that I may actually end up with though. Chicago trip coming up in my near future, just saying...

{one} Purl-Knit Cardigan from H&M in Burgundy. I think this looks like the perfect fall sweater to throw over any shirt, dressy or casual. The $25 price tag isn't painful either!

{two} These Vigoss Distressed Crop Jeans are THE jeans that  Sheaffer over at Pinterest Told Me To is always talking about. I think she has finally convinced me, I need them in my life. Again, the $35 price tag on these is pretty reasonable.

{three} Rebecca Minkoff Cupid Mini Crossbody bag in Port. Ah I love this red! Ok, now we are at one of the pricey wants. Go ahead, click on the link at your own risk. 

{four} I REALLY want a pair of Tieks in either this Cardinal Red or Silver Lake. These aren't cheap, but I may have to actually save up and buy myself some of these. I hear they are amazingly comfortable and they are for a good cause! 
Go check them out.

{five} Mac Eyeshadow Quad in Showstopper. Well, I love makeup and these just look beautiful. I think they need to be in my collection. You agree right?

{six} I am in love with this MK Runway Logo Dial Watch. Isn't she beautiful? Hey babe if you're reading this, Christmas is right around the corner... 

There is my list of things I've been drooling over lately. I will definitely keep you posted on whether I actually end up with any of them.

What is something you have had your eye on lately?


  1. Oh my, I'm in love with your whole list!! Chicago might be a bit dangerous :)

    Here is what I'm LOVING!!!

  2. I like the cover up! I don't have my eyes on anything particular however I told my husband he needs to take me shopping for our anniversary! I don't have great sense of style- maybe you should come shopping with me! ;)

  3. Kristal- We are finding you THAT purse in Chicago ;) And Cassie- I would shop with you any day, I love shopping!

  4. Love everything here!
    Especially that MK watch, I've wanted one forever
    Sarah x

    1. I think I may have to splurge on that watch someday ;)

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