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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Think Beach.

Hi loves! I have one thing on my mind lately, the beach. I have a little over a month before my Mexico vaca, and the closer I get the more I excited I am getting! In my mind I have been thinking about all the stuff I want to pack, what I will need and what my essentials are. So... I decided to make a little collage of my go to beach items. These are the items that I have with me, or on me, when I am hanging out at the beach or the pool. Pretty basic really, but I still wanted to share.

-I hope that everyone takes sunscreen with them. I HAVE to, I don't really tan unfortunately. I will be taking this Honest sunscreen with me this year. 
-Obviously a good swimsuit (or seven, I may have a problem), cover up, hat, flip flops and sunglasses are super important. 
-A stack of magazines is always important to me too. I have been saving my Self magazines as they come in the mail for the last several months. I'll also be taking my new Jillian Michaels book to read as well.
-Some of my beauty essentials are my my chapstick, vibrant nail polishes, waterproof mascara and some light bb cream or   a tinted moisturizer. I don't like to wear much makeup when I go to the beach. Usually nothing during the day and very light makeup at night. I am loving Essie "Boom Boom Room" and "Mint Candy Apple" for some beach-y nail/toenail colors right now!

What are some of your beach essentials? 

Thanks for reading,


  1. My essentials are pretty much the same....minus about 6 swim suits. Hehe :) We LOVE the Honest sunscreen!! I hope you do, too.

    1. I am sure I will, can't wait to use it in Mexico!!!!!!

  2. Where in Mexico are you going??! I also have to bring sunscreen, I burn SO easily! I have both of those Essie colors - Love them! ;)

    1. Cancun! My hubby and I have been to Playa Del Carmen and Cancun, I am taking my mom to Cancun for her 50th bday next month. So ready! Me too, they are the PERFECT summer colors in my opinion ;)

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