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Friday, July 5, 2013

Product Spotlight: Philosophy Purify & Refresh

Hey loves! Happy Friday. I hope everyone had an amazing 4th this year. We went swimming, ate lots of amazing food, got sunburnt, visited with all our friends, ate popsicles and watched some fireworks. Everything you are supposed to do on the 4th right? It was a great day.

I am doing a product spotlight today on something I recently discovered and have been loving. About a month ago I went into Sephora to get some samples and advice for a good moisturizer for someone with oily skin. I know you're supposed to moisturize every morning and night, but for as long as I can remember I only do it at night. I have very oily skin and using a moisturizer in the morning before I applied my makeup only made me get oily faster. I know how important it is to moisturize though, so the search was on. I read reviews of several different moisturizers that were targeted towards oily skin. I went in to get a couple of samples, I did not want to spend $40+ on a moisturizer if I wasn't 100% sure I was going to like it. The ladies in Sephora were amazing, as always. They gave me the samples I wanted and then went above and beyond to really inform me on my skin type and other suggestions. They suggested and gave me a sample of this moisturizer and face wash. 

Philosophy Purify & Refresh

They suggested the gel cleanser and said it would be best for my skin type. I have to agree. It makes my skin feel so clean, washes off the make up perfectly and makes my skin look glowing and balanced. The moisturizer is amazing. It is a gel cream, so it feels ultra hydrating and it's not thick and greasy. I hate thick and greasy! The best part, I use it every morning before I apply my makeup and my skin feels so hydrated and does not get greasy quickly like it did with other moisturizers! WIN! 

Now, you can buy these separate, but I am a fan of the combo. The combo costs $43 for both full size products together. If you buy them separate, you'll pay $55. So you save $12 with doing it the combo way. If you want both products, then this is obviously the way to go! 

I truly love this product, and I am so happy I found it!

Anyone with skin on the dry side, I know a lot of people who LOVE this one. It just didn't work for my oily skin.

Well, I've got to go get packed up for an overnight trip to OKC. I am off with a bestie to see this fierce female perform...

I am so excited, I have loved Beyonce for a long time and can't wait to see her tonight :)

One more thing, go read this blog post today. 
Such a good reminder to us all. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a a big fan of the positive optimistic way of thinking. To me it's the only way to be. You gain nothing from a negative attitude, nothing but a crappy day. 

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  1. I can't wait to go find some good face wash & moisturizer for my combo skin. I'll definitely check out the philisophy products! Have so much fun this weekend!!!

    1. Definitely go get you some samples to try at Sephora, tell them what you're looking for and they'll hook you up :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I will be trying a sample of this, I always struggle with my oily skin. Thankyou for following :) x

    1. I really like it, I hope you do too!

  3. I love the Philosophy brand, especially Hope In A Jar!! I also really love the Purity Made Simple cleanser. :)


    1. There stuff really is awesome, I'm hooked! :)


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