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Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Week in Food & Workouts

Good afternoon loves! It's a rainy and dreary Sunday here in Oklahoma. I'm finding it hard to have much motivation today, may have to take a little nap this afternoon. Nothing wrong with a lazy Sunday right?

For the last week I have taken a picture of every meal and snack I have eaten. After I did my weight loss journey post I have had several questions about what I eat and my workouts during the week. You will see that I try to eat pretty well throughout the week, I try and balance my meals out, and sometimes I slip and don't do very well. I don't beat myself up in terms of weight, but I did pay for it by feeling pretty crappy for a day or 2 this week. I have noticed since eating better that after a day of eating bad or crappy food, my body lets me know it's not happy with me, I just feel sluggish and gross. I need to start listening to my body more! I'm just going to post the pictures, workouts and side notes in an attempt to not make this super long. Feel free to ask any questions :) Also, most mornings I have 1 cup of coffee with a dash of sugar and some fat free vanilla creamer. I drink at least 72 ounces of water a day. I didn't feel the need to photograph that each day.

Monday Workout: 1 hour Bootcamp class in the evening.
That's a turkey sandwich for lunch and a half chicken salad sandwich for dinner.
I ate half that little pack of Justin's Hazelnut Chocolate spread with my afternoon snack, I ate the other half Wednesday.

Tuesday Workout: Nothing
That's strawberry greek yogurt, sliced almonds and strawberries I had for breakfast.
Another half chicken salad sandwich for lunch.
I ate a handful of Whoppers this afternoon that I forgot to take a photo of.
I ate half of my dinner this night, we went out for a co-workers farewell dinner.

Wednesday Workout: 45 minute Pump class
Multigrain Cheerio's with strawberries for breakfast. 
I ate about 4-5 Twizzlers from a friend and my burger was accompanied by some fries and a milkshake.

Thursday Workout: At home, 15 minutes of weights and 1 mile on my treadmill
Yeah, I was pretty sick today after 2 nights of crap food. I did not have much of an appetite at all. Pb&j and A Venti SKVL from Starbucks for lunch and turkey and veggies for dinner.

Friday Workout: 1 hour Bootcamp class in the morning before work
My breakfast the last 2 days has been a yummy protein shake. I make them with vanilla protein powder, skim milk and fruit, sometimes some yogurt too. 
My lunch salad has grilled chicken pieces in it.
My dinner was 2 beef tacos.

So there you have it, my week in food and workouts. This is a typical week minus the 2 nights in a row of Mexican and Red Robin! We usually don't eat out during the week, but we always do at least once on the weekend. I don't always eat as many sandwiches as I did this week either, I was craving them and I found a new low carb sourdough bread that I was loving! My food appeared a little "kid-like" this week I noticed... 

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  1. What kind of protein do you use for your shake? I'm out but don't really feel like driving to Bixby to get more....

    1. I've been using this one:
      I did some research and it was the best value for a large amount. It's a big container and only using 1 scoop, it lasts a while! We have a gold card at gnc so it's discounted and usually on some sort of sale.


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