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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Monthly Faves: June 2013

Oh man am I full! My in-laws took us out to an amazing steak dinner at The Hard Rock tonight. A Filet Mignon, mashed potatoes and out of this world mac-n-cheese later, here I sit, still full. It was worth it though, heaven on a plate. Is it possible to go out to a nice steak dinner and not feel full when you leave, even if you don't finish it all? We had such a great time with them! I'm pretty excited because tomorrow is our Friday and we have a pretty fun rest of the week ahead of us, looking forward to 4 days off of work and fun with friends!

This is the first installment of my monthly faves I will be doing at the end of each month. This will include beauty, scents, shows, music, blogs, movies, foods, all kinds of stuff! Just anything I have been loving throughout the month and want to share. I know, it's July now, I'm a few days late...

4 products I've been loving lately:

I tested this in Target and when I got to the car I had to go back in and buy it, ahhh I love it. It says it has olive leaf, fig milk and green tomato scents. It smells so fresh and spa like. It's very hydrating too, not a very thick lotion. You may not like it, my hubby doesn't seem to, but I can't help it!
I can't say enough good about this stuff! It lengthens, separates and gives you volume. It's safe to say I'm addicted. Especially when I wear this with my L'Oreal Shocking Extensions, my lashes look amazing.
I have been loving this scent. Confession, I am NOT good with trying to describe scents. At all. So here is what Sephora says "The One is a warm, oriental floral with modern sensuality". I just think it smells good :) I love rollerballs, they are great for traveling!
Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick in Acapulco
Love! This stuff lines and fills your lips. It's pretty much a big retractable lip pencil, The color is perfect for me, a berry mauve color, and I am a big fan of the Buxom "tingle". You Buxom lovers know what I mean!

I am a sucker for manly scents, they aren't for everyone but I sure enjoy them! This one is mahogany, oak and cedarwood. I can't get enough of it!

I stumbled across this recently and said "Hey that's the girl all over Pinterest with the perfect hair!" Yup, that's her. You've all seen her and her perfect hair styles. She has a blog and I am in love with it now too!

That's all I have for June faves, let me know if there is anything in there you love too! I'll be back on Friday with a product spotlight I want to share.

Hope you all have a happy 4th this year with your family and friends!

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  1. Now I want to try everything on your list!! Thanks for sharing.....looking forward to Friday's post.

    1. Ha, a good thing about being my bestie is you can come try/smell any of these any time and then see if you want them ;)

  2. love your blog hunny

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    1. Thanks! Yours is great too! Following :)

  3. That lotion sounds really interesting... by your description I can't tell if I'd like the scent or not! :p

    xo, alison*elle

    1. It sounds odd, but I can see why someone wouldn't like it. I just really like it haha! But like I said my hubby doesn't, you should smell it if you're ever in Target. I just find it very hydrating and refreshing :)

  4. heyy pretty! love the blog!! would mean loads iif you could take a little look at mine :) XXX

    1. Thanks dear! I am heading to look at yours :)


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