Wednesday, November 26, 2014

One Lovely Blog Award

I was nominated by my friend Nina from Flowers in my Hair for the One Lovely Blog Award. She's a sweetheart that I have quickly become friends with. I love her heart, reading her captivating stories, her awesome DIY's and catching her little snapshots around a city I love and that she calls home, Chicago! 

So, what does this award tag consist of? Sharing 7 facts about yourself and tagging 7 other blogs you love to continue it. Here we go, I'm throwing some randoms your way... 

one. I love saltine crackers, always have. I could probably live off of them. 

two. If you've been a reader for a while this isn't news... I won't eat seafood. No, none of it. It has nothing to do with the taste, sea creatures just freak me out. To me it's no different than eating a slimy snake. Nope, I'm good. #im12 (side note- I've met other blogger friends just like me, I'm not alone! I'm working on getting over this, but it's not happening very fast)

three. If I could meet 1 celebrity, it'd be Giuliana Rancic. We're besties, she just doesn't know it yet. In this photo below, she's waving at me.

four. I know the world loves them, but I really do not care for Angelina Jolie or Johnny Depp. So other than the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, I don't watch any of their movies at all. Weird huh? I have no idea why I don't like Johnny but Angelina might have something to do with the fact that Jen A is my 2nd fave celeb in the world. (side note- I literally can't think of 1 other celeb I "don't like" so I promise I'm not just a hater)

five. If you asked me what my dream job would be, it would consist of Nashville, the country music industry, makeup and blogging. If you know of a way for me to combine the 4 and make a living, hit me up. 

six. I might have a girl crush on Fancy Ashley. I mean really, how cute is she?

seven. I hate jackets & coats. I rarely wear them and if I do they HAVE to come off as soon as I get in the car or wherever I'm going. I can't stand to wear a coat in the car, I feel like I'm being strangled, they're kind of torturous to me. 

Who I'm tagging (Only if you want to participate or haven't already. No pressure friends!)

Kelli | A Deeper Joy
Jessi | Jessi's Design
Maegen | The Modern Tulip
Jenni | Frankly my Dear
Karly | Miss in the Midwest
Shelby | Recent Somethings
Amanda | Kids & Cabernet 

I hope you all have the best Thanksgiving with your families, enjoy your time together & eat all the pie! I'll be back next week sharing some monthly favorites, Glossybox & the Lorac Pro Palette 2.

Reminder* Next Wednesday 12/3 will be the Nov Monthly Faves Link-up. Don't forget to join us! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

$155 World Market Gift Card Giveaway!

This time of year it's easy to get distracted with the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping, meal prepping and community serving. It's such a wonderful time of year to outwardly focus on others! Myself and 12 other lovely ladies wanted to give YOU a gift. Treat yo'self to a $155 World Market Gift Card! We will let you decide whether you use it on yourself or Christmas gifts for others. Merry Christmas (early) from all of us to you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will be live from 12:00am EST on November 24th through 12:00am on December 1st. Open to US residents only. All entries are verified. Winner will be contacted via email and has 48 hours to respond and claim prize or a new winner will be randomly chosen by the Rafflecopter.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Philosophy Total Matteness + We Make Beauty

*Product provided by

I was recently contacted by a company called We Make Beauty, a beauty website that sells top name brands such as Philosophy, Sexy Hair, Lancome, Dior, Clarins, Marc Jacobs, Shiseido & Matrix but at a discounted price. I was intrigued because I immediately noticed the website carried items that I already use and have repurchased, but they were cheaper than what I normally pay for them. Who doesn't like to save money?

They offered to send me a product from their site & I immediately searched their Philosophy selection. Philosophy is one of my favorite brands! I went with a product from the Total Matteness line, I've been wanting to try some out for a while now thanks to Casey Holmes.

Why I picked this product:
I have some pretty oily skin + large pores. I'm always on the hunt for anything that claims to help. I'd heard great things about this line from YouTube beauty guru Casey Holmes.

Product claims to:
Minimize pores and help to mattify your skin. It can be used as a cleanser OR a mask, which I thought was pretty cool.

My overall thoughts:
I tried this product out for a couple weeks, as both a cleanser and a mask. I could see a difference, I was less oily for sure. I don't like using this as a daily cleanser though, I only like it as a mask. I have oily skin, but using it daily dried my face out a little too much. My skin felt dry, itchy and tight after I'd used it daily for a week. The following week I used it twice as a mask, this was much better. I did not really notice any lasting difference in my pore size. 

Would I purchase this product:
Yes I would, but I think it's best for the hotter months when oil is even more of an issue. I will definitely continue to use this as a mask 1-2 times a week and will stash some for the summer to use a little more often! 

Below pictures: product immediately applied, mixed with a little water as a cleanser & dried as a mask.

I would definitely check out the We Make Beauty website and see if there are any products on there you already purchase or you've been wanting to try. They have a lot of perfumes too, which I think make wonderful Christmas gifts! I'm hoping that their selection grows even more, I'm all about a good bargain.

Also, until 11/27/14 they have a code for 18% off storewide! Use code THANKSGIVING18 at checkout. They'll also be having a 2 day black Friday sale 11/27 & 11/28.

Below are a few products I currently love & use and a few I've added to my wishlist. 

MAC Blush in Springsheen (A Jaclyn Hill fave)

Do you use any of these products I mentioned?

*We Make Beauty sent me a product of my choice free of charge in exchange for a review of their website. As always, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own. 

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Holiday Link-Up | DIY Thanksgiving Decor

Today I'm sharing 1 of my favorite Thanksgiving/fall decorations in our home that is actually a DIY. Now, to some they may not be much but let me tell you, I swear I do not have 1 DIY bone in my body. Not even a little bitty baby toe. These are simple, so simple, but cute! 

Linking up with 4 ladies that I adore today! 

Holiday Linkup

A couple years ago I came across this post (here's another) from Peanut Butter Fingers and I thought "ok, those are cute and I THINK I could manage that" So, I did! My friend Angela and I made some and I enjoy them each year when I get to pull them out with our fall decor. They are cute, simple and affordable. Win.

You'll need:
toilet paper
tissue paper or newspaper
raffia ribbon
a small stick
fabric (approx 22" x 18")

I had to disassemble mine to show you how they're put together, but you can see this post here to see exactly how I laid it all out and assembled it. 

I promise, they're foolproof.

These are the 3 I made. You can create smaller or larger ones but adding more or less paper.

My other favorite DIY decoration in our home is our chalkboard. I LOVE decorating it for each season. It hangs in our entryway and greets our guests as they walk in.

For next months link up, I'll be sharing my favorite Christmas decor DIY with you! 

Are you a DIY pro or intimidated by them like I am?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Girl Meets Glitter | Nov 2014 Ipsy

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Ipsy did it again this month with another great bag! I've been wanting to try the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer for a long time, so I was so excited to see it in my bag this month. The whole bag was worth it to me just for that, but I'm actually happy with every single item I received. And how awesome is this glittery bag?! 

Ipsy Glam Bag

be a bombshell Eye Base in Submissive | Full size, $14

Starlooks Lip Gloss in Guilty Pleasure | Deluxe sample 

Ipsy Glam Bag

Top: be a bombshell eye base in Submissive
Bottom: Starlooks lip gloss in Guilty Pleasure

Just like every other month, always well worth the $10 price tag on the Ipsy subscriptions. Now excuse me while I'm off to test out a new concealer! 

Which product would you be most excited to receive in this bag?

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