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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Monthly Favorites || June 2015

Happy July 1st friends! Who else has a short work week this week? It's that time again, time to share what we were all loving in the month of June. Grab a button below if you want to and join in with Kelli and I for our June 2015 favorites.

Make Me Up Mia

I really don't have much this month, June seriously flew by and I didn't really try out anything new or even experiment with anything outside of my usual products. There are a few products though that I've been reaching for a lot more recently and especially loving.... 
Maybelline Bobbi Brown Elf

+ Looking for a perfect summer color for your cheeks? My Rose Shimmer Brick has been my recent #1. Such a beautiful blend of pinks with the perfect highlight mixed in. Swoon. 

+ I've had this liner and lipstick for a long time. I'd never even used the liner until last month and now it's a favorite. The liner is darker and the lipstick is light, blending together perfectly for a nice light mauve shade. I'm a mauve girl for sure, what kind of lip shade girl are you?

+ I've yet to conquer the art of contouring, it's on my life list ya'll. Bronzer always makes me feel like I look like a clown, but THIS stuff is a different story. A light all over golden bronze shade perfect for summer. I just dust a little on my forehead & cheeks. It's subtle, just the right amount for my pale skin. And who doesn't love a $3 price tag? 


+ Last but not least, these gorgeous lashes. I shared a full review and look last week. You can check it out here

PS- Thank you all for all your sweet comments on last week 5 Reasons Why I Lift post. You're all the B E S T!

Your turn, tell me what you've been loving?

Friday, June 26, 2015

5 Reasons Why I Lift...

You can be girly & lift. You can lift heavy S&%$ and not be bulky. You can lose weight and not starve yourself or do loads of cardio. I'm here to tell you all the reasons why I love lifting <3 

#1 Better & cheaper than wine or a therapist.
Seriously, lifting is my therapy. There are days I'm on my way home thinking of 1,874,569 reasons why I don't want to go to the gym but I go and I'm always so happy I did. I leave feeling a million times better. For that 1-1.5 hours I spend lifting & working out, everything in my mind vanishes. I'm 100 % focused on pushing myself, my workout, my reps, and in straight up beast mode. 

#2 Cardio sucks.
Ok, I don't hate cardio. I like a good run here and there, a good bootcamp class, walking, etc. But I HATE hours a week of cardio. Blah. I train 4 days a week, sometimes I do cardio and sometimes I don't. I do it when I feel like it and when I do, it's usually 10 minutes of some form of HIIT. I love (and hate) the stair climber machine. The reason why you don't have to do tons of cardio?

#3 It's the best way to burn fat.
Strength training & lifting heavy burns tons of calories! The difference in lifting and cardio: cardio burns fat & muscle while lifting burns mostly fat, and helps to build muscle. You do have to make sure you're fueling yourself properly though, so that you aren't burning off muscle as well. More on that in #4...

#4 More food! Proper fuel + higher metabolism with more muscle.
Who doesn't want to eat more food?! As you gain muscle, your metabolism increases. You'll be burning more calories throughout your day. Most of you know that I started tracking macros in Feb, it's changed my life and that's a whole other topic, but I'm eating more food than I ever thought I could. I used to be afraid of more calories/more carbs. I was lifting weight, doing lots of cardio, eating low carb and low calorie and making zero changes in my body. I wasn't fueling myself properly, I was what you call "skinny fat." It's important to fuel yourself properly based on your activity & goals. I started eating more, which boosted my metabolism. My metabolism was shot due to 3+ years in a calorie deficit. I eat what I want, when I want. As late in the morning, or as late in the evening as I want. I just make sure I'm hitting and not exceeding my calories for the day, which are broken up into my macros. I'm putting myself out there and showing you this pic, to show you what proper caloric intake & weights have done for me:

I've been lifting for almost 2 years now, but in Feb 2015 I started tracking macros, increasing calories & carbs significantly and adding in a little extra heavy leg/glute work.

Side note- I saw Heidi Powell post this on IG Wednesday, love it! I feel ya Heidi #I<3Carbs too!  (via

#5 I want a toned body.
Do you know what "being toned" means? It means less body fat with noticeable muscle. The amount of that muscle is completely up to you. It's a very common misconception that if you lift weights, you will get bulky or "manly." Years ago, I thought this too. 100% NOT TRUE. The only way you will be "bulky" is if you are lifting heavy & eating a big calorie surplus. Meaning, eating a lot more calories than you burn each day. You control your body & your gains. 

*Bonus* It makes me feel strong!
Who doesn't want to feel confident & strong? When I'm surrounded by 5 men at the dumbbell racks, lifting the same amount of weight some of them are, that is a pretty cool feeling. No shame. 

I will never take for granted that my husband is my workout partner either. I can't imagine spending my time at the gym lifting with anyone else. We've each lost 45+ lbs over the last few years, it's been the best journey with him by my side. 
And now I'll leave you with this BuzzFeed article....

I'm not in any way saying everyone should lift. We all have different body & fitness goals, likes & preferences. You should be doing what makes YOU happy. This is just my story and why I like it :) 

I also really enjoy Tone It Up workouts and Yoga throughout my week. So tell me, 

What are your favorite types of workouts?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Date Night Glam with Esqido Lashes

*Product was sent to me for review purposes, all thoughts & opinions are my own.
Esqido Lashes
Last weekend Dustin and I planned a date night. Almost every weekend consists of some sort of date for us, but this time I wanted to dress up a little. I had a skirt and pair of heels that had yet to be worn. I thought this would be the perfect time to try out my lashes that ESQIDO Lashes sent to me. I work in an office, so lashes aren't something I wear on a day to day basis. I love to wear them for special occasions or date nights, they just add some fun glam. I was familiar with ESQIDO false lashes thanks to my favorite YouTuber Jaclyn Hill & the beautiful Maskcara. Now it was my turn to give them a try....

These lashes are soft & light and the packaging is beautiful. Who else is a sucker for pretty packaging? They're mink lashes which means you can get up to 25 uses out of them! The standard false lash is only recommended to be used 5-10 times. While they are real mink, no worries-

"Our original mink lashes are handcrafted from the finest responsibly sourced mink fur. Our fur is collected from the natural shedding/molting cycles of the mink animal, which are then sterilized to ensure that they are hypoallergenic and suitable for wear."
                                                                                         -Esqido Website        

Unforgettable Oh So Sweet

Application process 

+ Remove lashes gently from tray with tweezers, do not tug on individual strands.
+ Measure the lashes by fitting them to your natural lash line. Trim off the excess from the outer corner.
+ Apply lash glue along the entire cotton band and wait a few seconds (I lightly blow on the glue)
+ Apply the lashes to the base of your natural lash line, and hold for a few seconds.


Oh So Sweet

I was sent 2 pair, Unforgettable & Oh So Sweet. For our date night I went with Oh So Sweet. I loved them, even more than I expected to. They applied so easily, looked gorgeous and I completely forgot I was wearing them all night long. The name Oh So Sweet is fitting, they are just that - soft & sweet. I can't wait to wear them more. 

Esqido Lashes

Do you wear or skip false lashes for special occasions?

Friday, June 19, 2015

Weekend Warrior || Total Body Workout

How many of you like to workout on the weekend? I personally always aim for 1 workout over the weekend, usually Saturday morning. It makes me feel less guilty about all the froyo I consume. Kidding, kind of. A typical week in training for us is split into M-W-F night then Saturday morning. I shared an example here a little while back. I usually train specific things during the week then more of a total body mix up on the weekend, whatever I feel like focusing on. Legs/glutes, biceps & shoulders are always my favorite. I thought I'd share an example with you all today. Make sure and let me know if you try it out! 

Total Body Workout

I hope you all have a great weekend. I'm meeting up with Amy Ann for a nice brunch in the morning, other than that I have no major plans. One thing's for sure, a workout & froyo will be happening... 
What is your favorite kind of workout?

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

New Hair || Product Love.

Bumble and Bumble Nume Davines

Most of you know I just chopped off all my hair a few weeks ago. I recently treated myself for my 29th birthday and cut about 12 inches off and also got a Keratin treatment. I have awful & unruly hair. (see here) Naturally very curly, but not pretty curly, insanely frizzy curly. My hair was a constant battle and I wore it up 99% of the time to not have to mess with it. I wanted a change, a style. I knew the Keratin treatment was my only hope to keep up said style though. I highly recommend it! It's not cheap, but if you have awful hair that more often than not brings you down, you'll pay anything for real help. I can now blow dry my hair and have nice relaxed, manageable & shiny hair, it's a million times worth it to me. I wanted to share how I've been wearing/styling my hair and a few products that I've been loving with you. Let me know if you have any questions about the Keratin treatment as well. 

I wash my hair every 2-3 days. I shower every single day, but my hair is thick so it's very easy for me to skip washes. When you have color & chemically treated hair, you really want to stretch that as long as possible, so it works out for me. On day 1 after I've washed it the night before, I run the straightener through it a little and don't use any product. On day 2 I use my Nume wand to add some curls/wave, sprinkle a little Pret-a-Powder on the roots for grit & texture and use my Davines Finishing Gum to really emphasize the texture around the bottom. On day 3 I add a little more Pret-a-Powder around my scalp (works like a dry shampoo) and a little more Finishing Gum throughout the bottom and a few pieces all over. That's it! My waves are perfect from the day before. I am loving my new hair, it's like a whole new head of hair for me. More on products below & enjoy the car selfies.... #ididitfortheblog 

Bumble and Bumble Nume Davines
Bumble and Bumble Nume Davines

I like to use a little Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Primer spray for protection and Repair Blow Dry cream for added moisture after I wash & before I blow dry. I've really become a huge Bumble fan over the last year.

As mentioned above, I use the Nume 25mm Classic wand to add curls/waves to my hair. This wand is amazing ladies. The YouTube beauty guru hype is legit. The curls only get better after 1-2 days. That's even after having it in a ponytail while working out and sleeping on it! Can't say enough good things about it. You can always find big coupon codes & deals, I paid $50 for mine. The Bumble and Bumble Pret-a-Powder is another fabulous find. It's a dry shampoo, style extender and volumizer all in 1. It blends into your hair great and doesn't leave a gross texture like other similar products.

If you have a textured cut, you N E E D Davines This Is A Medium Hold Finishing Gum in your life. It gives you that perfect piece-y texture without making your hair gross. I can use this on day 2 and day 3, no problem. It rocks. Using products like dry shampoos, texturizers and pastes can dull or mattify your hair a little so I've always been a shine spray fan. I'm on my 3rd bottle of the Smooth Sexy Smooth & Seal Anti-Frizz & Shine Spray. Who doesn't want their hair to be shiny?! 

And, I've used the TRESemme' 3 hairspray for as long as I can remember. So cheap, so good.


Tell me your favorite hair products!

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