Friday, October 31, 2014

Pure Ice & Breast Cancer Awareness.

As most of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Although I have not been personally affected by breast cancer, I know people who have. As a women, it's something that is often on my mind.  Pure Ice recently contacted me to see if I'd be interested in creating a mani with their Pink Lady collection and I knew immediately it was something I wanted to be a part of. Creating a mani that could potentially help spread awareness, sign me up. 

Pure Ice Pink Lady

I was so impressed with the range of colors in this collection, pink is my favorite color after all. I'm a fan of their formula as well, I used only 1 coat of each shade. That is fantastic. 

Here is what I created:

Pure Ice

Colors used:
thumb/pointer/pinky : Pretty in Pink
middle: Love then Spit Fire Glitter on top
ring: Satin Ribbon
awareness ribbon: Girly Girl

Pure Ice

Surprise! They offered to give one of you a full set as well! I'm making it really easy for you too, all you have to do is comment below telling me which shade you think would be your favorite. That's it! (Leave your name and email address for contact purposes IF you aren't commenting through a blogger or google account) *Giveaway open through 11/6/14, US only. 

Bonus entry* Repin the mani image I pinned on my Pinterest this morning and leave a separate comment letting me know you did. Let's spread this awareness manicure! 

What shade is my favorite? SPIT FIRE! Glitter, for the win.

Learn more about Breast Cancer and awareness here.

Interested in more Pure Ice polishes? You can find them for under $2 at Wal-Mart. I actually own a few of them myself. 

Disclosure- I was sent this product and was only asked to create a manicure. All thoughts, opinions and mentions are my own. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Staying on Track.

Fitness Motivation
With the holidays approaching and all the yummy treats to come, I wanted to share a few tips with you today that might help to motivate and keep us all on track. Fall and winter will fly by and before you know it it'll be bikini time again! I'm not an expert, but I've struggled and come a long way the last 3 years. I still struggle here and there or have off days, it's normal. Once I found what I enjoy most and started seeing results, it changed my life and I've never looked back. If you're newer around here you can read more about my weight loss journey here and here

Fitness Motivation
I work in a small private office and we only get a 30 min lunch. My options for staying active are limited. However, I don't want to sit at my desk all day and not move around. If you've been a reader for a while, you know I do bathroom squats. Huhhhh?? Almost every time I use the restroom, I do 10 squats of some form. It takes me about 30 seconds and I bust out a lot of squats each day. Obviously, not everyone could do this but you get the point. Find something that works for you and your atmosphere, something that allows you to stay active throughout your day. 

When we got out to eat, often I will ask for a takeout box as soon as they bring my meal out to me. We all know restaurants serve us way more food than we need, but if it's on our plate we often keep going until we feel like we're about to pop. So, before you even start eating just scrape half your food into a takeout box to eat for lunch the next day. Portion it out yourself!

I don't know about you, but when I see girls in beast mode or healthy eats on IG it inspires me. I want to hit the gym immediately. I have several favorite IG accounts that always inspire me, for several different reasons. If you aren't feeling motivated, know what inspires you to get moving and USE IT! Here are some of my favorite Instagram accounts/bloggers I follow.

Instagram Fitness accounts

Bet you're wondering where the heck I'm going with this... I'm one of those people that after I brush my teeth, I'm not eating again for a long time or until morning. Game over. I have a major sweet tooth and when someone brings treats to the office I am going to have one, no question. I struggle though with stopping at 1. So, I keep a toothbrush at my office and I brush my teeth after I've had my treat, whatever it might be. That way I force myself to not continue eating cookie after cookie after cookie like I've been known to do before! This tip may not work for everyone, but it sure works for me.

We all know the feeling. I'm driving home from work, thinking how I'd rather take a bullet to the foot than change and go to the gym. I get home, change my clothes, drink some Spark and go anyway. I am always thankful I went and I always enjoy it. JUST DO IT. Even though you may not feel it, you will get into to. You'll never regret a workout but you probably will regret skipping it. Create a schedule for yourself, allow off/rest days, and stick to that schedule. 

Enjoy those holiday treats, festive dinners and fun drinks but know your weaknesses and have a plan of attack to not go overboard. It's all about balance and moderation my friends. 

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

{Only Pick 1} Scent Edition.

It's the final post in my Only Pick 1 series, sharing a few scent favorites with you today. These are things I either A) continue to repurchase or B) have fallen so head over heels in love with that I'd commit to them and only them, for all time. That's true love friends. 

Previous posts Face || Eyes || Lips

Remember, I'd LOVE to see your all time faves so please feel to use this series anytime you want! 

Favorite Scents 2014

I'm someone who uses lotion, then a few sprays of body spray all over my clothes/hair then perfume on my wrists and neck. (Am I alone here?) I'm always told I smell good, so hopefully people aren't lying... Anyway, I'm on my 3rd bottle of this stuff. It's the perfect soft girly scent to accompany my perfumes. Sometimes I spray a little on myself after a shower too.

I almost didn't even smell this when I first visited the store earlier this year. I normally do NOT like rose scented anything. Something about this product, it just makes my showers feel luxurious. I love them smell and it's so softening and moisturizing! This will always have a home on my shower rack.

I first became familiar with this from Jaclyn Hill. She raved on and on about it. I immediately knew why, it was love at first smell. Dustin surprised me with it for my birthday and we both love it. It's now my go to date night perfume, so feminine and sexy! I save it for date night because it's not cheap. Dustin normally says my scents are "old lady like" so for him to love it too means it's a big win. Another weird love, rose and floral scents are never my picks. I'm either changing or these 2 products are just out of this world? Maybe a little bit of both....   

Rollerball | Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Noir (not online, fail) 
I always take a rollerball when I travel. It's much easier, takes up less space and a safer call over a bottle of my expensive perfume. This perfume fragrance from VS smells heavenly and it's always the one I grab for. Long lasting and it never disappoints.  

Leave it to me to run out mid series and toss it in the trash without thinking... Time for a B&BW run! Anyone else a fan of the body creams from Bath and Body? I am all about thicker lotions and these are great. This scent is another soft feminine smell that will never get old. 

I've learned something about myself today- I'm definitely all about the feminine scents and apparently I'm more a fan of floral-y than I thought... 

What is your #1 body product?
Do you travel with rollerballs too?

Monday, October 27, 2014

GLOSSYBOX | October 2014

Well, here we are again- Another weekend is over (I'm pouting), another Monday has arrived and I have another Glossybox to share with you, the Oct 2014 box. Glossybox just continues to impress me each month, their fancy girly packaging and awesome products sure make me happy.




What I received this month:

Proganix Anti-Fade Weightless Argan Oil + UV Protection, full size $11.99 - I can't wait to try this stuff out!

Nails Inc. Matte Top Coat, full size $10 - It's time to experiment with some matte nail looks ladies... 

SESHA Botanical Hydro Mask, full size $9 - Next at home spa night, this will be on my face. 

Vince Camuto Amore Eau De Parfum, Deluxe Sample $20 value (comparable to rollerball size)- Just might be my new favorite perfume, oh my goodness this smells heavenly. 

Tarte Power Pigment in Awakening, full size $24 - I'm a big fan of Tarte cosmetics so I was beyond excited for this full size lip product in my box. So pretty. 

Hello Fresh Giftcard

They also threw in a $40 gift card to go towards trying out Hello Fresh, Dustin and I are eager to try this out! 

Glossybox, you've done it again. Props to another fabulous box worth over $100! 

Interested? Find out more info here on this $21 a month beauty subscription box, and don't miss the special offer below. Purchase between 10/25 and 11/25 and use code "ALEXANI" and you'll receive a free Alex and Ani bangle worth $38! 


Thursday, October 23, 2014

{Only Pick 1} Lips Edition

Time for the lippie edition of my Only Pick 1 series. This week and next week (scents) are going to be a little bit different. I changed up the categories a little because they were a little bit harder. I needed more categories people! Plus, it's my series so technically there aren't any rules right?! #perks 

What shades do I tend to go for? Browns & mauves are my comfort zone but I love a good bright pink lip in the summer. I've yet to really go for deep reds, but I plan on conquering that fear soon because I definitely love the look.

Favorite Lip Products

Lip Scrub | elf Lip Exfoliator 
I've tried a lot of different lip scrubs, to me they're all the same. Therefore, I'm a fan of the $3 elf one. I use it about once a week. I dampen my lips, exfoliate and wipe it off with some warm water and a washcloth or cotton pad. Voila, a soft kisser! 

Gloss, just need something on my lips | NYX Butter Gloss
I LOVE the NYX butter glosses, all of them. Not really for the color because they really aren't super pigmented. I love these for the times I'm very casual and just want a gloss with light color on my lips. These are my go to. The are so creamy and not sticky at all. Plus, only $5.

Gloss, favorite color | Buxom Lip Polish in Gabby
This one is my go to gloss when I color and oh how I adore it. The Buxom glosses are awesome! They are on the stickier side, but not in a bad way at all. It's hard to explain... They last a good amount of time on me too. This is a mauve tone gloss and it's perfect for a great pop of color but not too intense. 

This is my "if I could only pick 1 lip product period" product. All the beauty blogs I've read and the YouTubers I've watched, I've never seen one person talk about this. I'm on my 2nd tube of it and I will continue to repurchase. Honestly, I feel like the pictures just make it look like another nude lipstick, but it's not. It's the perfect mix of brown and mauve. It's my "your lips but better" shade for sure. Can you tell I'm a fan?

Ah ha, bet you weren't expecting that one?! You thought I'd say EOS huh? Well, I do enjoy my EOS balms, especially Sweet Mint, but this has been my favorite since I was a teenager. No major reason, it just works best for me and I buy in bulk. We're a house divided. Dustin - Chapstick brand / Mia - Blistex Brand. We each dislike the other brand too, weird huh. 

MAC lipstick Buxom Lip Polish

Next week I'm sharing some of my favorite body product scents that I'll always repurchase. 

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What is your #1 must have lip product?
Any other Buxom gloss lovers?

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